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The real estate market today is extremely competitive and getting the maximum value out of your house is important. If your home has a basement, you can create an exterior basement door that gives access to the basement from the outside of your home. Adding a walkout basement entry instantly adds value and increases the versatility of your building.

Professional contractors can perform basement entry construction so you can have outsideAdding a Basement Entry to Your Building access to the basement without having to go through the main house. You can refinish the basement into a downstairs bedroom, a family room or even a rental space for that extra income. The construction crew has to figure out the best location to construct the basement entrance. Basement entrances are the best way to upgrade the home without having to do extensive renovations or constructing house extensions.

  • During the construction of the basement entrance, the construction team will dig out along the foundation from the back or the side yard. It is more convenient to have the entrance at the back or side yard for minimal disturbance of the front of your house during construction. You can also encourage guests to use the downstairs bathroom when hosting in your back yard rather than having them all over your house.
  • The walkout has to have its own foundation. There are many strict codes involved in planning and building of walk out basement entrances and you need a contractor with a lot of experience and expertise in these areas. They understand the kind of foundation necessary to build a sturdy walkout and maintain the structural integrity of your home. They also work closely with township inspectors to ensure the job is done right.
  • There are various layout options for installing basement walkouts. You can choose the design that best complements your house or works for you in terms of cost. The construction professionals will always recommend the best walkout layouts such as having the stairs running parallel to the house. The local zoning department guidelines will also determine the layout that you can have in construction. When consulting a professional contractor, it is advisable to have your survey with you so they can look through it and give more accurate recommendations on the best way to create the basement walk out.
  • In addition to basement walkouts, you can also add egress windows to give your basement more natural light and better ventilation. Egress windows are also dug into the ground along the wall of the building. Excavation is secured with a retaining wall or structure to prevent the soil around from collapsing into the basement window.

Basement walk outs are affordable home renovations that will create more value and revenue for your home or simply to give another access to your basement. There are plenty of options to choose from and makes your basement a more functional room whether you choose to rent it out or use it for other family friendly activities.

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  • "After requesting a quote for finishing a basement and working within the constraints of my budget, I went with RenoPros. The team arrived on time and ran every idea by me, as well as recommended what materials are best to be used in what area. The job was complete in a professional manner and I am very happy I chose The RenoPros"

    John Charette from Toronto
    John Charette from Toronto
  • "I was hesitant at first to rely on a third-party service to re-do two bedrooms in my house but the guys at RenoPros assured me they would work closely with me to fit my needs. I chose two different designs, and now both bedrooms actually feel good to be in. Great job"

    Jane from North York
    Jane from North York
  • "Our husband and I needed to renovate our basement at an affordable price. We found RenoPros and their staff and crafting was spot on, they let us customize everything to our liking and were very friendly and accommodating. Would do business with again, thanks!"

    Andrew from Etobicoke
    Andrew from Etobicoke
  • "We are so happy with our new kitchen and main floor renovation. The upgraded wife flooring was an excellent suggestion and the apron sink make the house feel brand new. The project manager was helpful, organized and I would definitely call them for any future renovation needs."

    Faheed from Richmond Hill
    Faheed from Richmond Hill

Renovation Process from Start to Finish

The Reno Pros residential renovation services run the renovation process from start to finish making us a one stop shop for all of your renovation needs. Our services include whole house renovations to single room renovations including kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and basements as well as exteriors.

We also offer full planning and interior design services which help our clients realize their dream home while sticking to a realistic budget. Each of our jobs is carefully planned and includes professional project management and supervision. As the homeowner, you will be provided with regular progress updates. This careful planning and communication helps to avoid surprises and unnecessary expenses.

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Whole House Renovations

When homeowners are looking to renovate or upgrade many areas of the home, it is considered a whole house renovation. This type of renovation can be very comprehensive – even as extensive as removing all interior finishes (drywall, flooring etc.) right down to the framing.  In most cases, however, whole house renovations involve a minimum of kitchen and bathroom renos.

Other common areas for upgrades include basements, bedrooms, and laundry facilities. Work is likely to involve improvements such as flooring, trim work and painting.

In other cases, it may include more involved renovations such as building an addition, adding a basement washroom or even making an entire home wheelchair accessible.

Whatever your needs are for your home, The Reno Pros will work with you to make sure the renovations not only meet your needs, but that the end result is both function and beautiful.

Exterior Renovations

Exterior renovations are usually not the kind of renovations that you just can’t wait to show off to your friends. Nevertheless, they can be very important in helping to protect your home against the elements. A roof that doesn’t leak and eavestroughs that do their job properly will help your home to maintain its value and save you money in the long run.

New energy efficient windows and doors will help to protect you and your family from break-ins as well as help you to save money on energy bills.

Of course, many exterior renovations can also help to improve your home’s curb appeal.

At The Reno Pros, we love helping Toronto homeowners to realize their vision for their home. If you are planning an interior or exterior renovations, we can help to ensure that you get the result that you are looking for.

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