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Commercial General Contractor – Serving Toronto

Construction & Management

Are you searching for a qualified, established, and experienced commercial general contractor within Toronto and its environs? The Reno Pros is your one-stop shop for quality, exemplary commercial construction.

We are a team of experts with extensive experience in project management and the ICI construction sector.

For every commercial project, we start by realizing the needs and requirements of the business, its managers, and staff. This enables us to create an efficient plan that will allow us to minimize business distractions as we undertake our job. Since The Reno Pros is also a business, we fully grasp the challenges and concerns faced by businesses as they plan commercial renovation or construction.

Reno Pros Specialties

  • Fit-ups and retail store renovation
  • Medical and dental offices
  • Testing laboratories
  • Franchise stores
  • Pharmacies
  • Office interiors
  • Ground-up construction

We have the latest systems and project management tools to help your business reduce downtime. This is because our unique approaches to construction management allow businesses to continue with revenue generation and business bottom line contribution, even as the construction project is underway.

Furthermore, we collaborate with Specialty Product Hardware (The Toronto based company supplying commercial washroom hardware) to install the finest washroom accessories, lockers, and toilet partitions available in the market. We also have an extensive and detailed portfolio illustrating our current projects and those that we have done in the past.

The Reno Pros boasts small businesses and large-scale organizations as our present and past clients. Below are the services we offer for our commercial construction Toronto.

Commercial General Contractor

Numerous industry-leading clients view The Reno Pros as the most reliable general contractor. For many years we have created a professional trade’s team across Toronto and beyond. This is essential to the services we provide.

Where applicable, we use local traders of the communities found within our working areas. Our management team operates on and off-site, from tendering to the handover, making sure to meet the needs of the client without failure. We provide renovation expertise, out-of-the-ground services, interior fit-ups, and new construction services.

Moreover, we have extensive experience in commercial, retail, institutional and corporate sectors.

Project & Construction Management

We utilize a professional approach when looking to facilitate tendering services, contract administration, change directives, warranty-related and handover aspects of every project. We tailor-make each project and select, from our far-reaching list, reputable consultants and subcontractors to work with us as we look to ensure every client is satisfied at the time of handing over the project.

Since we are trustworthy, many of our clients have opted in the past to focus on their businesses as we focus on the construction project handed to us.

Design & Build Contractor

‘Design-Build’ is where an owner contracts a single entity to undertake the designing and construction of a building. This approach is very beneficial for clients who understand what they are looking for as it streamlines delivery. Furthermore, it simplifies the procurement process while making construction very convenient since clients work with only a single contract.

With this service, we work very closely with an experienced architect to provide the clients with a creative concept as per their needs plus the specific design or zoning requirements of the project.

‘Design and Build’ projects go to teams who compete on qualifications, design, and price. For us, we guarantee the finest quality of design and work at very affordable prices.

This approach makes us fully responsible for the entire construction project, including the building materials and performance. Clients are able to feel secure about projects if they take the ‘Design and Build approach”

Project Planning

Project planning is part of our construction management services. When a client decides to undertake a project, the first phase is the initiation stage. This is where the project team does feasibility studies to ascertain the viability of the project. After making sure the project is doable, the next stage is the planning phase.

We offer to create a viable construction plan for our clients that will give them a roadmap of how their specific project will materialize. This involves creating a PMP (project management plan) that outlines the control and execution of the client’s project. Included in the PMP are the baselines for cost, scope, and schedule.

In addition to the PMP, the planning phase also includes:

  • Scope documentation and statement: This establishes the business benefits, needs, deliverables, objectives, and key milestones.
  • Work breakdown structure: This involves the breaking down of the job into manageable chunks.
  • Communication plan: Since there will be different teams working on site, this document defines communication tools, roles, and methods which will help in achieving communication objectives and goals.
  • Risk management plan: This document identifies the possible risks such as nonviable cost estimates and timelines, regulation changes, budget cuts etc.

Commercial Construction Permits

We also safeguard you from stress by taking over your project’s permit process to get you the commercial permit approvals that you need, swiftly. We are experts in zoning, bylaws, and negotiations which means we can get you approval whether your project is starting or it’s already complete.

This service will enable you to get various commercial permits including:

  • Permit appeals: We are able to defend your project and honorably present your interests at the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board making sure to reverse the decision of your local municipality to turn down your project.
  • Outdoor Patios approvals: If you want to utilize an outdoor space to maximize profits, you will require an approval from your local authority. We will undertake the entire process for you so that you can plan for that restaurant or coffee shop without having to worry about approval.
  • Commercial construction approvals: You are required to get proper approval if you want to build or improve the interior of your commercial building. This is can be a huge process requiring support from the planning department, safety code officers, and even the local community. With our service, you are able to sit back and relax as we do everything for you.

In addition to the above three, we can also get your business signage permits, exterior improvement approval, and change of use approvals.