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Flagstone And Stamped Concrete

The Reno Pros are expert contractors when it comes to flagstone and stamped concrete construction or restoration projects. We offer a wide range of services including flagstone and stamped concrete cleaning and sealing, flagstone stripping and maintenance services. Our team is highly experienced when it comes to restoring and maintaining different building materials. We have won the acclaim of all Toronto residential and commercial property owners as the preferred choice for flagstone and stamped concrete construction and maintenance.

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Our Recent Flagstone and Stamped Concrete Projects

Why Flagstone?

Flagstone is a hard sedimentary stone that is made using layers of clay and sand. It’s often used for patios and sidewalks. Many property owners choose flagstone because it offers a myriad of benefits that you cannot get with any other building material. They include:

Uniqueness: With flagstone, no two stones are alike. This makes it easy for The Reno Pros expert contractors to build a project that has a unique look.

Low maintenance: We advise our clients to choose flagstone because there’s no need for maintenance when it comes to this building material. If there are any forms of damage, our experts can quickly repair them.

Durability: Flagstone is one long lasting building material. Our contractors can implement unique design ideas such as adding turf and moss around the stone to make it more appealing.

Flagstone Toronto
Stamped Concrete Toronto

Why Stamped Concrete?

Stamped concrete is simply concrete that is patterned or textured in order to mimic different materials such as tile, wood and slate. Stamped concrete is a less expensive alternative to building materials like slate, stone and brick.
Stamped concrete is a popular choice in many driveways, patios and commercial spaces like themed parks due to its numerous advantages. When you install stamped concrete expect:

  • Lower maintenance demands: Stamped concrete is much easier to maintain compared to materials like pavers which can become loose and a safety hazard if not repaired. Stamped concrete will never resettle or move out of place.
  • Easy to install: Stamped concrete is less labor intensive than other paving materials. It’s likely to cost you less to pour concrete compared to paving individual stones by hand.
  • Durable: With stamped concrete, you can expect it to last long even in areas that experience harsh weather conditions. This material tends to hold better to heavy foot traffic as well as wear.
  • Boost property value: Since most people love properties with stamped concrete, your home’s value will instantly increase should you decide to settle for it. In fact, expect higher returns on investment from stamped concrete compared to plain concrete.

Trust Only The Reno Pros

The Reno Pros has been successful at bringing together a highly skilled team of renovation contractors specializing in flagstone and stamped concrete. We will help you select an interior design stone that suits your budget and needs. Whether you need an interior design makeover or just some simple repairs on your outdoor space, we are happy to help. Call us today to discuss your options or ask any questions regarding your project.

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  • "Our husband and I needed to renovate our basement at an affordable price. We found RenoPros and their staff and crafting was spot on, they let us customize everything to our liking and were very friendly and accommodating. Would do business with again, thanks!"

    Andrew from Etobicoke
    Andrew from Etobicoke
  • "We are so happy with our new kitchen and main floor renovation. The upgraded wife flooring was an excellent suggestion and the apron sink make the house feel brand new. The project manager was helpful, organized and I would definitely call them for any future renovation needs."

    Faheed from Richmond Hill
    Faheed from Richmond Hill