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What do I need to consider when building a garage addition?

Garage AdditionIf you’ve ever had to spend more than a few minutes scraping ice off your car, you may have wondered whether it might be worth it to get a garage addition. Not only would a garage provide shelter for your car, but perhaps you’d like to have this space as a workshop or for extra storage. Whether it’s simply a place to put your car or something more, this is one renovation that can be well worth the time and money.

A garage addition can offer both convenience and add value to your home – and it is one of the least expensive types of additions since it does not require plumbing or HVAC.  Even with a seemingly simple renovation however, there are several factors to consider.

Detached or Attached

This in part may be determined by how much room you have on your property. Detached garages give you the most flexible design options because they do not have to disturb existing structures. On the other hand, attached garages have a lot of appeal because they allow you to go directly from house to your car without getting an icy blast of winter wind and snow.


While most garages face the street, there are some homeowners who prefer a garage that is angled – sometimes even perpendicular to the street.  Angled garages are generally better suited to larger lots but they have the advantage of blending into the home better if you prefer that your garage not be the major focus of your house.


Most garage additions sit at ground level, however if your garage is below grade, it is important that it include an area drain which is connected to the storm sewer.


Garage additions can be built to accommodate one, two or more cars. Additional storage space may also be a priority for you. In regards to size, you may be limited by either lot size or building codes. Budget is also a factor. The larger the garage you build, the higher the end cost is going to be.

Garage roof

In general, you should choose a roofline and material that goes well with your home. Some people like to choose flat roofs which can support a patio. This is a way to compensate for any outdoor space that you’ll lose as a result of building your garage.

Garage door

The garage door will be the most prominent feature, so it is important to choose something that goes well with the rest of your home. Steel and aluminum doors are maintenance-free. A more environmentally friendly option is composite doors made from particle board and recycled wood, although these require some maintenance. Custom built doors made from ornamental metal or natural wood are the most expensive.

Having a garage addition built can have many benefits but there are also many choices to make in the design. If you’re considering this type of renovation, one of the experts from The Reno Pros would be happy to discuss any of these options with you.

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