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Kitchen Renovation & Remodeling

Trends for Toronto kitchens have changed dramatically in recent years. Today’s homeowners are looking for kitchen designs that better suit their lifestyles. Because kitchens are often considered to be the heart of the home, many of our customers are looking for kitchen renovations that reflect that.

Upgrades tend to include features such as integrated cooking areas, as well as plumbing, HVAC and electrical(The Reno Pros will contract out all electrical work to registered electrical contractors licensed with the Electrical Safety Authority.) work. Better lighting for meal preparation and homework is also commonly requested.

Open concept kitchens are also extremely popular. For many homes, this involves removing walls so that the kitchen flows into the living area.

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Hear What Our Customer Are Saying About Us

  • "After requesting a quote for finishing a basement and working within the constraints of my budget, I went with RenoPros. The team arrived on time and ran every idea by me, as well as recommended what materials are best to be used in what area. The job was complete in a professional manner and I am very happy I chose The RenoPros"

    John Charette from Toronto
    John Charette from Toronto
  • "I was hesitant at first to rely on a third-party service to re-do two bedrooms in my house but the guys at RenoPros assured me they would work closely with me to fit my needs. I chose two different designs, and now both bedrooms actually feel good to be in. Great job"

    Jane from North York
    Jane from North York
  • "Our husband and I needed to renovate our basement at an affordable price. We found RenoPros and their staff and crafting was spot on, they let us customize everything to our liking and were very friendly and accommodating. Would do business with again, thanks!"

    Andrew from Etobicoke
    Andrew from Etobicoke
  • "We are so happy with our new kitchen and main floor renovation. The upgraded wife flooring was an excellent suggestion and the apron sink make the house feel brand new. The project manager was helpful, organized and I would definitely call them for any future renovation needs."

    Faheed from Richmond Hill
    Faheed from Richmond Hill

Our Recent Kitchen Renovations

Contemporary Kitchen Design for an Elegant Look and Feel

Contemporary kitchens are characterized by clean lines and simple design elements. They may include painted cabinetry such as shaker cabinets – white and soft greys are popular choices. Glass or ceramic backsplashes can create an elegant focal point.

Kitchen Remodeling Toronto
Custom Kitchen renovation Toronto

Traditional and Timeless Kitchen Design

Traditional kitchen design is most often associated with warm earth tones. Wood grain cabinetry, natural stone and tile are prominent features in this type of design. There also tends to be more opportunity for ornateness in traditional design – so if you are looking for a way to showcase your grandmother’s antique table, you may wish to go with a more traditional approach.

Modern and Sleek Kitchen Design

Like contemporary design, modern kitchens also feature clean lines and a sleek appearance. The main difference is that modern design is even more minimal often including features such as frameless cabinets, minimalist hardware and sticking to a very neutral (often black, grey and white) colour scheme. Metal and glass and popular material choices for the modern kitchen.

Whatever design style you prefer, our designers and contractors have the skills and experience necessary to help you achieve your vision. Your kitchen is an important part of your home and everything must be functional including design and layout but also, electrical(The Reno Pros will contract out all electrical work to registered electrical contractors licensed with the Electrical Safety Authority.), plumbing and insulation supplies in Toronto.

The Reno Pros are experienced and equipped to deal with every aspect of your kitchen renovation. Call us today and see why so many Toronto homeowners choose us for their kitchen renos.

Kitchen Remodeling Toronto