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Composite Decking

If you’ve settled for composite decking, the next crucial step is to find a suitable contractor in your area. The Reno Pros are here to offer you quality composite decking installation services. We’ve worked on similar projects that involve composite decks, being a popular choice for homeowners in Toronto. Most of our clients prefer composite decks because they are a simple and hassle-free decking solution for modern homes.

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Why Composite Decking?

Composite decks are made from recycled plastics as well as hardwood fiber together with other pigments and preservatives. These substances are heated and extruded to form the decking material. Composite decking comes in different textures and this is made by embossing the design onto the surface of the material before it cools down. Most composites are made from wastes like sawdust, plastic bottles and shopping bags which could have otherwise ended up in the landfills.

Our clients choose composite decking due to its numerous advantages. Composite decking is safe since the material is slip resistant and splinter-free. Composite decking is very safe to walk on barefoot since it doesn’t involve any nails or screws during installation. Cleaning this decking material is also simple and quick. It doesn’t require any painting, staining or sealing after installation.

Composite Deck Toronto
Composite Deck Toronto

We Do The Job Right The First Time

For composite decking to serve you for longer, you need to ensure it is properly installed. The Reno Pros will install the decking material right the first time so you never have to worry about any premature damage due to poor installation. Whether you already have a composite decking that needs repairs or you are looking for a fresh install, we are happy to discuss your options and provide a reliable solution that will completely transform your outdoors.

At The Reno Pros, we will evaluate your current decking solution and come up with unique design ideas that suit your needs and budget. If you want the composite decking to stand out, we are happy to share renovation ideas that you’d love. We will take into account your unique needs when it comes to composite decking projects.

Get A Smart And Modern Looking Deck

If you want a deck that has a smooth surface with a very modern and smart looking feel, we would recommend composite decking. Our renovation experts will create a composite deck that is not only visually pleasing but also functional. Whether you have traditional timber or exotic hardwood components at your property exterior that you want to complement the composite decking or you need to change up the style of your current outdoor space, we are here to help.

We can help you choose from a variety of colors and designs of composite decking. Whatever you feel will complement your outdoor living space best, we’ll be happy to install it. Composite decking is a great investment that will also add on to the value of your home. Whenever you need one installed by a contractor you can trust, be sure to get in touch with The Reno Pros.

Composite Deck Toronto

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  • "Our husband and I needed to renovate our basement at an affordable price. We found RenoPros and their staff and crafting was spot on, they let us customize everything to our liking and were very friendly and accommodating. Would do business with again, thanks!"

    Andrew from Etobicoke
    Andrew from Etobicoke
  • "We are so happy with our new kitchen and main floor renovation. The upgraded wife flooring was an excellent suggestion and the apron sink make the house feel brand new. The project manager was helpful, organized and I would definitely call them for any future renovation needs."

    Faheed from Richmond Hill
    Faheed from Richmond Hill