Home renovation planning can be strenuous a processes. Many home owners find themselves rushing to get the renovation over with even before the project begins. Because of this mad rush, home owners are bound to make some wrong decisions. Here are fifteen common home renovation planning mistakes to be avoided.

Not thinking about the big picture.

Owners must recognize the quality of their design tastes before they even hire a contractor. Although they do have the responsibility of telling owners if their planned renovation is possible or not, contractors do not have the responsibility of telling owners that what they dream of is ugly.

Failing to discuss renovation plans with others – professional or non-professional people.

Gathering the consensus of friends, family, and professionals can help an owner come to an accurate, more informed decision about their renovation plans.

Forgetting about the functionality of a renovation.

Any renovation that restricts movement around the house or can only fit people of a very specific size is not renovation that should be made. These types of renovations lower the house’s market appeal.

Neglecting to have a realistic budget.

A home owner having a $140,000 budget for renovations when he or she only earns $35,000 a year is a terrible idea for that person’s wallet. On the other hand, having a $20,000 budget for a renovations that realistically cost $140,000 is a terrible idea for the renovation’s quality.

Preferring price over quality.

Cheap materials usually look cheap and do not last long. All materials detailed in a home renovation plan should be of good quality, but not expensive enough to make a home owner’s wallet cry.

Focusing on trendy designs.

Trends fade.  Some come back in style, but most do not. Home owners that base renovation plans on current trends are risking an entire section of potential buyers being utterly appalled by an entire section of the homespace.

Planning on a renovation with absolutely no unique qualities.

That being said, home renovation plans are still, nonetheless, of a home owner’s creation. Some sort of unique but subtle touch should be added to the renovation to give the renovated area a non-generic flare.

Not creating a visualization of the renovation.

A visualization enables owners to see roughly how their ideas will transform their homes. If owners believe the visualization is awful, then the renovation itself probably will also be awful.

Not updating the electrical system.

If a new room or bathroom is to be added, make sure that the electrical(The Reno Pros will contract out all electrical work to registered electrical contractors licensed with the Electrical Safety Authority.) system is updated to handle the pressures of a new source of power drain. Otherwise, the new renovation can lead to more frequent home power shortages.

Having no idea what exactly they want to be done.

Never tell a contractor “Um, I’m not sure what I want. Just make it look better!” A set of directionless renovation “plans” actually are just general thoughts about home improvement. No contractor can work with that.

Hiring the first contractor they interview.

Owners should always shop around. The best contractor is often not the first contractor interviewed. To speed this process up, call the Reno Pros. They can speed up the contractor search by providing only professional, reliable contractors to be considered for the job.

Creating a house that stick out like a sore thumb from the rest of the neighborhood.

Renovations that make a house clash with the rest of the neighborhood lower the house’s value and can earn home owners some dirty looks at the neighborhood pool.

Gutting whichever area they plan to renovate.

No renovation project needs every inch of the area to be gutted before hand. This move just creates more work for the contractor and more headaches for the owners.

Ignoring the basics.

Home renovation plans should include updating foundational house attribute related to the renovation. For example, there is no point in updating the sink if the kitchen plumbing is rotting away.

Not planning for the inconvenience.

The process of renovation will affect a home owner’s daily life. An owner should know what to do while the renovation is in process before the renovation begins.

If home owners avoid these mistakes, they can ensure themselves a smooth renovation process.

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