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Where can I get inspiration for my basement renovation design?

The initial phases of finishing a basement can be the most exciting, but also the most daunting. One of the first things you must do is settle on your ideal basement renovation design. The overall design of your new basement might include new bedrooms, a bathroom, a bar, recessed lighting, new wiring for an entertainment system, and many other elements. How are you going to decide what is best for your home?

If you do not already have a plan in place, there are numerous sources to use as inspiration, including:

Basement Renovation DesignThe rest of your home – Do you have an aesthetic running through your home that you enjoy? For example, many homeowners like to create a cozy, cabin feel to their homes. If this is the case, you might consider continuing this theme into the basement renovation design and adding a rustic bar and a stone-covered accent wall. Your contractor can help you create a design that allows for continuity between your basement and the other levels of the home.

Friends and family – Do you have friends in Toronto who have finished basements that you admire? Do not be afraid to get inspiration from these places. This does not mean that you will completely duplicate their ideas. The next time you visit, take the time to consider the specific elements that you enjoy about the design.

You might find that it is the lighting design that you really love, or the trimming really stands out to you, or you admire the flooring style. You can find new ways to incorporate your favorite aspects of their basement renovation design into your basement.

Websites and Magazines – There are plenty of home renovation guides out there, eager to provide you with examples of popular and new renovation designs. Many websites now have user-generated content, allowing homeowners to share their own pictures of successful remodeling projects. For example, you can use Pinterest to see hundreds of photos people have posted and pinned of their favorite finished basement ideas.

Again, you do not have to strive to replicate exactly what you find in a photo. You can even take elements from several different designs and incorporate them into your ideal space.

Artwork – Are you still struggling to come up with that perfect basement renovation design? If the previous places do not inspire you, it may help to think more abstractly. Take the time to consider and appreciate different types of artwork. Determine if there are certain styles of art that attract you. You can then design a finished basement that fits within that artistic theme, whether it is modern, abstract, romantic, cubist, or any other style.

A Focal Point – Some people design a space around a single focal point. In your basement design, your focal point could be a piece of furniture, a work of art, or basement bar, a pool table, a home theater, or any number of other items or design elements.

Your Contractor – Of course, you can also talk to a contractor for help. You could consult with an expert at The Reno Pros and describe what features you would most like to see in your finished basement and a contractor can help you determine a plan of action to make those feature possible in your home.

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