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What is the expected timeframe for a standard basement renovation?

Basement Renovation TimeframeTo answer this question, you must first consider how much detail you plan to put into your basement renovation.  There are cosmetic renovations like painting the pre-existing walls or carpet additions that can run from $100-$1000 and span an afternoon depending on the space and materials, or you might be installing walls, plumbing and electrical, which would make the timeframe several weeks or months.  In the Toronto area, it can be so cold that work during the winter months can be delayed, so that is also a consideration.  Hiring professional contractors from a trusted name like The Reno Pros is an excellent way to gain insight into how much your project will cost and how long it may take.  On average people who are finishing an untouched basement will plan to install walls, utilities and flooring and the timeframe for such a renovation can be a long, drawn out affair.

To break down a more comprehensive basement renovation timeframe you can use the following information based on an average floor plan of 800-1000 square feet.

  • Secure a contractor – There are more contractors out there than you can shake a stick at and plenty in the Greater Toronto Area that specialize in basements. Once you find your guy, you will meet to discuss a design and work out an estimate.  This could take a few days to get a busy and sought-after contractor into your home.
  • Demolition – This part is fun and typically the homeowner can do it as long as they are careful. A good reason to leave this part of your basement renovation to your contractor is that they usually take all of the mess with them when they leave.  What might take you a weekend or three days can usually be knocked out in a day with a contractor’s crew.  This is a chance to save some money if you have the time and ability.
  • Structural Integrity – After the space is cleaned out, the contractor will mark the position of wiring and plumbing, also installing soleplates and top wall plates as needed to secure your new walls. The timeframe for this is approximately a day and a half.
  • Plumbing and Electrical – These folks tend to juggle lots of jobs so they stay busy and depending on how detailed your plumbing and electrical wiring will be, it should take three to four days to get all of the connections installed. Sometimes this step drags if there are complications with obstacles like walls, windows or vents.
  • Building Walls and Ceilings – You know your renovation is taking off when the utilities are in and you’re building walls. Installing studs, insulation and hanging drywall usually takes about two days if the ceiling is included.  There will be a mudding and taping crew that requires a couple of visits over a few days to ensure all seams are smooth and embedded.
  • Flooring Installation – Timeframe for your carpet might be a day with an experienced crew, but really not much longer. A glue-down hardwood floor can be ready to install appliances on in 36 hours or a little less.  This is a part of the basement renovation that makes a nice visual impact and due to the fast turnaround and reasonable cost, people will frequently choose this option over more detailed renovations.
  • Paint and Furnish – You should be able to knock out the painting process in a day and after allowing for one more to let it all dry, you should be able to move in furniture and add fixtures.

At this point you have basically completed an average basement renovation and the total timeframe amounts to roughly five to six weeks when factoring in weekends which are typically not work days.  Good contractors like The Reno Pros can effectively come in and quote this timeframe and manage to hit the deadline with time to spare and at (our very close to) your planned budget.

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