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    Locally owned and operating in Toronto, The Reno Pros is offering bathroom renovation and bathroom remodeling services, including custom cabinets installation, countertops, stand up showers, custom glass enclosures and much more.

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    Bathroom Renovation Upgrades

    Other common upgrades for bathroom renovations include Schuler waterproof membranes which are used for tiled showers and help to eliminate leaks; environmentally friendly dual flush toilets, upgraded vanities with extra storage, Jacuzzi tubs and chrome therapy lighting. All of these features can add to the enjoyment of your bathroom, making it feel more luxurious and spa-like. Of course, when the time comes to sell, it can also add value to your home.

    The choices for these and other bathroom fixtures Toronto are many and can seem overwhelming, but the design team at The Reno Pros will take you through the process and help you select the features that best fit your vision and budget. Whether you are looking for a contemporary, traditional or modern bathroom our experienced team of designers and renovators can give you what you are looking for.

    A Modern Touch

    Contemporary Bathroom Design

    Contemporary bathrooms focus on clean lines and use a simple colour palette. Some features that you might find in a contemporary design include dual showers with sliding glass doors, ample lighting and neutral or dark vanities with clean lines and contemporary hardware.

    Get Comfortable

    Relax in Style

    Bathrooms with traditional design are more likely to feature warmer earth tones including greys and browns. Features of a traditional design might include marble tiles, or a standalone tub. Of course, just because the design is traditional, it doesn’t mean you can’t introduce more modern features such as thermostatic showers and LED lighting.

    A New Look

    Rejuvenate with a Modern Bathroom

    Modern bathroom design is simple, clean and very functional. The design aspect focuses on clean lines and a simple colour palette – often white, greys and black. Popular building supplies in Toronto for modern design include glass and chrome. Features you might find in a modern design bathroom include large showers with glass doors, clean lines and modern textures.

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    Custom Cabinetry

    Custom cabinetry doesn’t just give you the chance to get unique storage spaces; it also ensures you maximize usage of the space you have. At Reno Pros, we will install your custom cabinets in any size for your bathroom, no matter how small it is, to ensure you get more usable space. The custom cabinetry we work with also has intricate details that will set your room apart from any other. While we value aesthetics, we also value functionality. That is why every cabinet we install will look great and still serve its purpose.

    Whether you need new cabinetry to enlarge your bathroom storage or for aesthetic purposes, we will make sure you get the perfect fit. Our design team will ensure the new cabinetry blends with the style has a unique character. Call us, and we will transform your rooms with new cabinet designs with breathtaking handcrafted details.


    Soaking in a jacuzzi is a wish on most people’s minds, and we make it a reality. If you have always dreamt of relaxing in your tub while hot water massages your body, then we have the people for the job. We recommend that you prioritize the purpose of the jacuzzi when choosing one. For instance, will it be used for physical therapy, for entertaining guests, or for your relaxation? Our knowledgeable team will make sure you make an informed decision when buying your jacuzzi. We believe that this is a big investment that should serve you in the long term. You should enjoy using the jacuzzi, and it should have all the features you require for your comfort. Additional factors to consider include:

    • Whether you will use the jacuzzi inside or outdoors
    • The number of people who will be using the tub and whether they will be adults or children
    • The placement of the pump


    Countertops don’t have to be preparation spaces only. They can also be pieces of art that make every room look elegant. The type of countertop you choose will affect the general appearance and functionality of the room, which is why you should invest in them like every other essential fixture.

    Countertops are usually classified according to their colors or materials. We can get you marble countertops to give your bathroom unmatched elegance and quality. We also work with granite countertops, which will give you durability because of their indestructible nature. Other types of countertops we can install in your bathroom include laminate, tiles, quartz, and concrete. Contact us and find out whether we have the countertop material you need. You can be sure that whatever your choice is, we will give you quality and visual appeal. We ensure it can withstand the pressure, and we show you how to care for it to prolong its lifespan.

    Stand Up Showers

    A stand-up shower gives your bathroom a spacious appearance, which gives you more flexibility on how to customize some of the bathroom fixtures. Choosing a stand-up shower isn’t very easy. The size of your bathroom will determine the size of your shower stall, which can feel too cramped if it is too small. You must also consider other features such as showerheads and the shelves you’ll install inside the shower stall. All these contribute to the final appearance of the shower and the bathroom. They also determine how functional the bathroom will be.

    We will give you several designs for your stand-up showers. We will also utilize the bathroom space available to ensure you get a spacious bathroom stall that doesn’t contrast the rest of the bathroom decorations. Our professionals can also incorporate lighting fixtures to go with your stand-up shower and increase the aesthetic appeal.


    Changing your vanity can give your bathroom a new look and save you a lot of money. The visual impact you create with your vanity will depend on the type of vanity you choose. Make sure you consider all the essential factors such as the size, your future needs, and the material. Different materials have different costs and longevity. For instance, wood is classy and elegant, but it is too costly and requires a lot of maintenance on a vanity. You must also consider the type of color finish you want and the storage you add to the vanity.

    We understand that these factors can be confusing and make it harder to choose a vanity instead of making it easier. We are here to offer our expertise whenever you need it. We will help you choose depending on the space you have, the visual impact you’re aiming to create, and the number of people who will use the vanity.

    Glass Enclosures

    Glass enclosures provide some of the best shower area enclosures that make a bathroom look great and helps you feel more relaxed. The glass enclosure you select has to not only fit your budget but also has to suit the available space. The glass enclosures come in various designs such as rectangles and curved semi-circles. You must also check the type of door on the glass enclosure. You can have framed or unframed doors, or hinged or sliding doors.

    Since the glass takes up the entire enclosure, it has to be of high standards. You can choose between tempered glass or laminated glass, considering their durability and how they behave when exposed to water and heat from the shower. Cabinet handles, faucets, towel bars, and door handles also contribute to the aesthetics and functionality of the bathroom. Our network of suppliers will build you a durable glass enclosure that will remain in perfect condition for a very long time.


    Every bathroom needs a toilet, but that doesn’t mean you should settle for the regular toilet designs that won’t add value to the bathroom. If you have an elegant bathroom with an outdated toilet, the overall value of the bathroom reduces. Allow us to give your bathroom a wow factor with a new toilet.

    When choosing a toilet, you need to consider the type of flush you want, the height of the toilet, and the size. The size will determine how far the toilet is installed from the wall. Select a shape that will be suitable for those using the toilet, such as children or people with disabilities. The water capacity also matters. Choose what suits you between 0.6 gallons and 1.6 gallons. You can also choose between a one-piece and two-piece toilet depending on the design of the toilet bowl you prefer.

    And Much More

    At the Reno Pro, we aim to provide comprehensive bathroom renovation services. We have hired a diverse team with different areas of expertise to ensure we give our clients the solutions they want. Other than changing the above features, we also install new sinks, faucets, electrical fixtures, and storage fixtures. Our team of electricians will also handle the lighting and heating aspects of your bathroom to ensure they operate optimally but maintain energy efficiency. Additionally, we can handle flooring installations. Whatever type of floor you want, whether vinyl, tiles, or wood, we will install it.Whatever your bathroom needs are, we are the right company to give you the solutions. We keep time, and we work with the client’s budget. We do in-person consultation before drafting our estimates, and that promotes accuracy. Contact us today for a free quote on all these services and more.

    Step By Step

    10 Critical Steps When Planning a Bathroom Remodel

    Step 1

    Be realistic with the budget: A typical bathroom remodel in Toronto will cost as low as $10,000 to $15,000 for small and medium-sized bathrooms. If you have a larger bathroom, which will require higher-end fixtures and fittings, budget for 3 to 4 times that cost.

    Step 2

    Understand how long the project will last: A complete bathroom remodel can take up to 4 weeks. However, this will vary depending on the kind of work that needs to be done. Don’t forget to account for the time spent in planning and sourcing for the items to be used during the renovation. Some items like custom cabinets, tiles, toilets, and sinks will take time to be ordered so make sure you start early.

    Step 3

    Have temporary arrangements before the work begins: If you’re planning to renovate the main bathroom, budget for another alternative for you and your family or guests to use when the project begins. You may want to consider hiring a portable toilet that you can use.

    Step 4

    Compare multiple estimates: It’s always advisable to get multiple estimates from different bathroom renovators in Toronto. However, don’t rush to take the lowest bidder before you read reviews from their customers. Get a vendor with numerous reviews that can tell you what to expect when you hire them.

    Step 5

    Be flexible: Home renovations rarely go exactly as planned. In many cases, the plans must be adjusted, and budgets require changes. The reality is, you may find hidden problems while the project is ongoing, and they may require some additional cost to fix. Making sure you have some cash set aside to handle any renovation emergencies or surprises is always a good idea. You can discuss with your contractor how much you can reasonably set aside for miscellaneous expenses/renovation emergencies.

    Step 6

    Avoid changing the layout to save on costs: As much as you may want to completely change the design of your existing bathroom, focus more on its functionality if you have a very limited budget. Layout changes significantly affect the cost. Consider changing elements like the tiling and fixtures to give it a completely new look while keeping the layout intact.

    Step 7

    Get rid of fixtures to save on space: Sometimes it may make sense to remove certain bathroom fixtures like a tub if you really need the extra storage or to create a more interesting shower experience. Think of the fixtures you enjoy the most and what you wouldn’t mind getting rid of for a better overall look and experience.

    Step 8

    Measurements are key: The different elements in a bathroom such as the vanity must be adequately measured to ensure they fit perfectly within your space. Be realistic when copying a bathroom design you’ve seen in another home. Your bathroom has its limitations and measuring the place before you settle for certain products is essential.

    Step 9

    Get professional help: Even if your budget is tight, get a professional to handle aspects such as plumbing, electrical work, and tiling. Professionals ensure the work is done properly the first time. Don’t be quick to choose the contractor who offers the lowest estimate. Do your due diligence to ensure you’ve found a contractor you can trust to deliver.

    Step 10

    Work with an interior designer: This is especially important if you’re keen on choosing the right flooring, wall, lighting, and painting that creates a cohesive look. An interior designer can really help you to put it all together.

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