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Before and After House Renovations – Room By Room

You might want to whip out the camera and take pictures before and after house renovations – the transformations are amazing. Looking at other homeowners’ before and after images is also a good idea, as you can get some inspiration of what you want done to your house.

Whether you just want one room redone or several, a home renovation project can really increase the overall value of your home. It allows you to transform space that is no longer meeting your family’s requirements into your dream house.

Here are some ideas for each room:

The Kitchen

The kitchen is often considered to be the most important room, since it’s the one that every occupant visits several times throughout the day. For this reason, it should be where you spend most of your budget.  Tips include:

  • If there are small children in the house, keep the stovetop and oven away from the traffic areas. This way, you won’t have to worry about the kids running through and catching handles or causing spills. The refrigerator should be accessible to everyone.
  • Consider the countertops. If you cook frequently, you will need plenty of counter space. If you just prepare simple meals and don’t cook as often, you can get away with less counter space.
  • Invest in durable materials for your kitchen’s renovation. Since it receives so much traffic every day, high quality hardwood or porcelain is ideal for the flooring. You will also want fire and scratch resistant countertops.

The Bedroom

For bedrooms, comfort is the most important factor. Do whatever you need to do to enhance the level of comfort in each bedroom. Get new windows to eliminate stuffiness. Add better lighting fixtures if more illumination is required. If illumination is too bright, consider having a new lighting system is put in. Decide whether you want a hard floor with rugs or carpet. If anyone has allergy problems, use only hypoallergenic materials and make sure the quality of air is good in that particular bedroom.

Let your designer and renovation contractor know what styles and colour schemes you are interested in for each bedroom. Also, there are many amazing before and after bedroom renovation galleries online for you to check out.

The Living Room

There are so many ways to renovate and remodel a living room, no matter how big or small it is. When the ideal colours, furniture, wall art, and accessories come together, an amazing livable space is created.  If it’s too small for your liking, you can either add some space by knocking a wall down (if possible) or swap your existing furniture pieces for small, compact pieces.  An L-shaped sectional, for instance, can be situated in a corner, making it a better choice than a typical long couch. You could also get a flat screen TV panel mounted on the wall.

For a large living room, make sure there is plenty of lighting. Don’t use cheap wallpaper, as you will have to keep replacing it every few years. Use a long-lasting, low-maintenance wall solution in large rooms so you won’t have to spend so much time on upkeep.

The Bathroom

Before you renovate your bathroom, have your plumbing checked out. Make sure your pipes and draining system are in good condition. Select durable, water-resistant flooring. Marble, ceramic, and stone tiles are all good choices. If you want to go with hardwood, make sure it’s well-sealed. Install an energy-efficient toilet and tub/shower. For larger bathrooms, install wall scones beside or over top of the mirror. For smaller bathrooms, consider having an open shower area that does not require a door or curtain.

Other Rooms

Many homeowners with basements and attics feel the need to renovate them. Basements can become drafty and are susceptible to molds. Attics often have ventilation problems. If you plan on having your attic renovated, you might want to make some changes with your roof as well.

Talk to the designers and contractors at The Reno Pros to learn about your options, and don’t forget to look over before and after house renovations photos. Take your own as well!

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    Faheed from Richmond Hill

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