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As your house ages parts of it are worn out or outdated and home renovations are a common part of owning a house. A great concern for homeowners is often finding the best time of the year to carry out these home renovation projects. Anytime can be the right time as long as you are ready for it but the following are the best times of the year for certain renovations.

Foundation renovations: January to early March


A lot of people often dismiss the cold winter months as the worst times for renovations. Contrary to that, the cold winter is the best time for renovations since the contractors do not have a lot of work and will often slash their prices making renovations much cheaper. Winter is also a good time to start an addition since the frozen ground and dry air are great for digging foundation and pouring concrete footers, which does not work well in muddy grounds and humid air.

Deck building and renovation: April to June

April to June is the busiest time for builders and you are likely to spend a lot more on renovations at this time of the year. Spring is the traditional building seasons because it marks the end of the winter hibernation. You can have less costly renovations such as decks, patios and outdoor rooms during this time. The ground is usually softer in spring so hand-digging projects such as building decks can be great for this time. Building the deck during spring also prepares it for use during summer.

Kitchen, roofing and bathrooms: July to September

In the dead of summer, you should can start working on indoor projects such as kitchen and bathroom renovations. Roofing projects are also done in the summer seasons as there is less chance of weather interference and certain roofing materials often require high temperatures to seal. Most people also vacation in summer, which is a great time to leave the house to the contractors to work on so you can avoid the inconvenience of trying to work around the construction team. Working indoors during summer keeps the construction team away from the sweltering heat.

October to December

There are various renovations you can carry out during October and December. The first part of this time of year is ideal for outdoor work such as painting and new construction too. With the fear of the cold winter looming, contractors often have a lot of deadlines and are in a hurry to get things done before the holidays start. This time is usually not ideal for renovations when the holidays draw nearer as items may take longer to ship, even though business is slower for the contractors and materials are less expensive.

Your choice of when to renovate will depend greatly on the changes you need in your home. There is also the issue of seasonal availability of materials especially for outdoor landscaping. You may need to speak to a few professional contractors before you start any renovation work.