It has been said and proven before that ideal home renovation or remodeling is more about design and function and not the size. There have been various small homes with much better function and style than homes with double square footage. Taking for instance adding a larger room at the back part of your house; this might make you feel like you are rectifying frustrating space issues at home. But the truth is, there will still be some expected problems with the function and design of the entire house. Adding square footage will not really resolve the core issues of the home.

Bigger is not always better and even renovation experts will agree to this. Smart designs matter the most and these remain within your house footprint which is less expensive than bigger additions. Individuals can repurpose or reconfigure their existing space in order to change the looks and appeal of the home even without necessitating larger additions. Homeowners can consider small additions in making their space function the way they want it.

Well designed and small additions can actually create sufficient space that can change the way how a home functions and appears. In case of room additions, smaller additions give you a bigger significant impact in just a fraction of the cost of major additions. It has also been proven that small additions are more effective in homes that need more space in the living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and dining rooms.

In case you are interested to make small additions into your home, keep in mind the following design considerations:

  • It is somehow structurally possible to encompass small addition like bay window over the present foundation. This eliminates the need for pouring new concrete foundation.
  • You can actually borrow few feet from a space or room adjacent to a room that you plan to enlarge. Taking for instance capturing space from one closet in order to add to a bathroom. This option will allow sufficient space for new bathtub or shower.
  • If you got larger roof overhanging 2 to4 feet, you might be able to tuck small addition underneath your existing roof. If such overhang is not present, you will require portion of the roof in covering an addition.

Depending on the goals of the homeowners, they might need larger addition however; there are times that they can accomplish their objectives by means of reconfiguring the presently obtained layout or with well-designed and smaller additions. It would be best to discuss matters with a competent and trusted architect who specializes on this field.

Having an architect to assess your residential property and discuss your unique needs can wants certainly helps a lot especially in terms of determining the ideal type of remodeling required to impact your day to day lifestyle successfully. If you are thinking about bigger additions, well you better think twice. When it comes to home renovations, small and smart additions can replace the bigger ones and this will surely be favorable on your part.