Can I live in the House During the Home Renovation Process?

While the idea of a renovated home is very exciting, many families are afraid of the possibility of being displaced from their home while the project is completed. Homeowners throughout Toronto are frequently asking the Reno Pros if they will be able to live in the house during the home renovation process. There is no simple yes or no answer to this question, as there are many factors that can affect whether or not this living arrangement is possible.

Scope of the Project

If you are doing a whole-house renovation or another major construction project, it is unlikely that staying in the home will be feasible. The home will not be inhabitable if exterior walls are being torn down, the roof is removed to add a second floor, or other invasive changes are taking place. Aside from the obvious reasons that this would not be an enjoyable setting for a family, the construction process would also be dangerous.

Access to Kitchen and Bathrooms

Even if there is only one room being renovated, if this room is your kitchen or only restroom, you should make other living arrangements. You might think you can do without the kitchen for a short period of time, but this can become very disruptive to your routine if you have children.

How Will You Staying In the House Affect the Schedule and Budget?

Some Homeowners decide to stay in their houses during a home renovation to avoid the cost of staying in a hotel or paying for other accommodations. Choosing to stay in the house, however, can actually make the construction process take much longer, which adds to the cost.

Living in the house delays the end result because crews need to schedule their work so that the electricity and water are only turned off when the homeowners are out and have to make other changes in order to be less disruptive. If you were to leave and allow the crews to work at the most efficient speed possible, the project can be finished sooner and on a smaller budget.

When You Can Definitely Stay In Your Home

There are house renovations that can be finished while you stay in the home. If your renovation project only affects a small, isolated area of the house and will not require the utilities to be turned off for extended periods of time, you can stay in your home during the renovation. Common examples of these projects may include a finishing a basement or adding a room addition.

Home renovation

Whether or not you can stay in your home throughout the renovation process is bound to be one of many questions that you will have as you embark on this project. If you are located within the Greater Toronto Area, you can call the Reno Pros at 416-561-6144 to connect with professionals who can provide guidance and services to help you successfully remodel your home.