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    We Take Custom Home Building Seriously

    Why Should You Choose Us?

    When looking for a credible home builders, there’s only one you should contact and that’s The Reno Pros. They can bring out the most out of your visions and ideas for your new home. Under their management, you will never go wrong of hiring them to be your partner in getting your project done with your ideal house

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    There’s absolutely no pressure or commitment to buy.

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    No surprises, no hidden fees, and no extras.

    Years Experience

    Our Interior designers have a keen set of eyes to cater to your specific style of preference. Don’t have a preference? Let our imaginations soar and make your dream home a reality.


    Project managers that take away the headache. Our qualified group of project managers will make every effort to make your renovation project worry free. Preparation is the key.


    This industry’s weight lies on the shoulders of tradesmen. To fulfill the highest standard of craftsmanship we maintain a very skillful in-house team of professional contractors.

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    We Treat Our Clients Great

    Excellent Customer Service

    As a home developer, we see to it that their customers and clients are satisfied of our work. They start any project with a thorough research and survey of the land on where the house will be built. With our professional and experienced team they make sure that the area or location is appropriate for construction and providing the best selection of materials and lumber for an outclass home renovation. Aside from their skilled artisans, they also have talented architects and building designers who know exactly what to do in making your house the best in your locality.

    Know Your Costs

    Accurate Estimations

    Ideal house builders are those who can go beyond of what is seen by the naked eye. They should be able to make precise estimations that will keep the owner protected of his/her interest. With that, you can trust The Reno Pros. Their expert architects and designers can effectively provide you with the overall cost of the construction. Knowing the total cost ahead, you can safely set aside the exact amount of money needed and will not worry of any financial problems along the way. Not only that, The Reno Pros also conducts accurate inspections of the area and other related activities to ensure the quality of the house. As much as possible, they want the house to stay standing and strong as close as likely to the definite timetable.

    Fair Pricing

    Competitive Rate

    The Reno Pros offers a competitive price for custom home building in Toronto for all their clients and valued customers. While providing a cost-efficient rate, they don’t compromise with their work in giving you creative, elegant and luxurious output on your house. They make your dreams and visions come alive in the lowest rate as possible. Their team who has comprehensive experience in designing and building houses in Toronto is unparalleled and exceptional.

    Your house is where you will spend most of your time here on earth so look for a group of people who will make your stay there as convenient as possible. As a homeowner, you should get the best custom home builder who can make your dream house into reality.

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    Make Your Custom Home Unique

    Custom Home Ideas

    Here are some of the most popular and efficient ideas to turn your custom home build into something memorable
    Custom Home Builders

    Things You Should Know About Custom Home Builders

    We all want to live in our dream house, something that we see in fairytales and movies. The satisfaction that you can get out of constructing your customized house is far greater than spending several months in finding a perfect house. There is elegant beauty in a customized house that gives the owner the pleasure out of his hard-earned money. When talking about this matter, there is only one group of people to contact and that is The Reno Pros.

    Who are custom home builders?

    Custom home builders are those who design and construct a house according to your needs and preferred design.  They consist of an architect, interior designers, decorators, building designers, landscape architects and many more. With their collaborative effort and expertise, you can have the best house in your entire life. After inspection and survey of the area, they will lay out your house according to your preferred style, color, designs and so on.

    How do custom home builders do their job?

    They use plans that was handed and crafted by either a skilled architect or an experienced home designer. Out of the plan, they allow the homeowner to manage on the lay out, lot size and other owner-dependent variables like the cost. Along the way, the two (contractor and homeowner) will get along in order to maximize everything that is in the plan. The custom home builders will have to con concentrate virtuously on the design of the house.

    Many cases of a customized house are built in the consumer’s own land. This is quite affordable because the cost is solely focused on the construction. If the client owns the land, it will be easy for the contractor to start the project in the specified timetable because the construction area is already prepared. Moreover, the home developer doesn’t need to make major changes on the plan because the owner himself knows what to do with his land.

    As the landowner, it is vital that you secure yourself with the most reliable home builders to take every step in making your dream house. They will assist you in creating a brilliant design and accurate planning in accordance to your realization and vision of your customized house. Your house contractor may help you work out your imaginative skill by providing you with a samples of photographs of different house designs from magazines and other related materials from which you will base you own design of house. If not, you may gather information from the internet and look for a particular design that suits your taste. The future of your house lies in your hands so make an effort in making your dreams come alive.

    Doing business with custom home builders such as The Reno Pros may take a significant amount of money but you can have the best result of your dream house. You just have to maintain constant communication with them and let your opinions be heard. It is your house and your money that is at stake here so make the most out of them. After all, you are paying for their service.

    Home Builders Toronto

    Guide to Selecting Home Builders Toronto

    It is true that one of your happiest days would be the time when you make the decision to have your own home built. You are not just going to select a house builder based on misleading advertisements. Instead, you should choose The Reno Pros, which will give you the most favorable house-building services you’ve always dreamt of.

    Expert and highly experienced homebuilders are typically workers that are employed in constructing home to satisfy an individual’s eye and stay up to the needs of the client. In order for you to complete this, there are things you need to think about searching for a homebuilder.

    What you should expect from a Home Builder in Toronto?

    The Reno Pros ought to be expert who are skilled enough and assist customers create a custom home. They must make the customers feel totally satisfied by going behind the wants and needs of their clients. The builders normally perform and work individually as an independent corporation and take their business from clients who typically get their services from for them to get their job done is a fast and effective manner.

    What is the benefit from getting a Home Builders Toronto?

    Conceivably the greatest benefit of working a transaction with a homebuilder Toronto is that you have the capability to acquire the home of your dreams. Many homebuyers who waste months, some are years, attempting to search for the best home. Unluckily, some of them end up staying for the second finest or even worse than that. This is the advantage of having the capability to get your own customhouse built. Working business with The Reno Pros can deliver you from the home of your dreams.

    Another benefit of doing business in Toronto homebuilder is the experience. A person who has endured the appropriate amount of training at the same time undergone in some work experience is frequently regarded as professional homebuilder. Toronto has a lot of it. This does not only denote that you have several of unlike other homebuilders in Toronto, to select from but it also denotes that you will acquire professional outcomes. When the subject is your home, expert results are not just essential however, they are vital. This is why is recommended that you select to transact business with an expert, reliable and suggested homebuilder. Toronto locales that have are roughly pleased with the outcomes.

    How to choose the competent Home Builder in Toronto?

    Selecting a competent homebuilder is quite simple and easy to do but of course, you will need to select friendly and fresh builders that are highly professional and reliable to do the task. Keep in mind to search for a homebuilder such as The Reno Pros that doesn’t have issues with constructing your dream home that will depend upon your conditions. Whenever you are searching for one, do not forget that you need a home that is constructed according to the stuffs that you like and not what the builder is aiming to divest to his clients.

    Find a homebuilder that has the same picture that you do. Search for a homebuilder who constructs traditional styled homes if that is what you want. Settle for a Homebuilder Toronto who will bring you to the home of your dreams!

    New home Construction

    Practicality in New Home Construction

    New home construction is a big decision that should be given significant focus and planning. It is one of the largest purchases that a person will ever make. There would be no time for you to take shortcuts when doing it. So to help you make things easy, you better continue reading.

    If you have already selected a location, you are now getting ready to create your dreams to turn into reality. The first step that you need to obtain is to select your own house plan. Here are some of the things you need to think about during the process:

    Questions to consider when taking a new home construction

    In order for you not to exceed to your budget, create your own list of the non-negotiable aspect that you can’t live without. This will help you come in practical if your plan costs start to go beyond your budget.

    • Is a two-car garage a preference or necessity?
    • Do I really need an extra living space for the elderly parents?
    • Can I rush back later and improve the countertops or appliances?
    • Do I really want a game room or a family room?

    It is also efficient to consult and discuss with your homebuilder regarding the versatility of particular house plans. Having a good builder can provide you a worth input to assist you to select the top plan to adjust to all your requirements.

    Choose the right builder for your new home construction

    Choosing the right builder is extremely important in your new home construction process since a perfect builder will arrive to the table along with a rich of practical abilities, skills and knowledge that can save your time from headache in the process.

    Many local home building corporations can construct your home wherein they typically provide various house plans for you to pick from within a mastered plan. This can be a huge alternative if you like the amenities if the neighborhood as well s the content with allowing the floor plan as exposed. Several homebuilders will permit you to select particular design elements such as carpet and the paint color to provide you a little degree of personal manifestation.

    Trends in new home construction

    Energy efficient is the largest trend in new home construction at present, which is not that surprising. General contractors today are making use of the techniques of construction, selecting to waste money in areas that will not just create the home more natural but will also interest to the customer’s wallet. Perhaps if you want to purchase your new home, selecting better quality of windows is one of the step to increase the efficiency of energy. Homebuilders are selecting to create energy efficient homes for the better surroundings or maybe it is a try to keep competent in the market today wherein real estate is plentiful and cheap either way, the customer’s benefits.

    When it comes to your new home construction, try to take in all the info you can to provide you the practicality you want. Having your new home can be a little predictable unlike the traditional real estate deals, yet the outcome can be extremely rewarding. Possessing a home that you construct carries satisfaction and a feeling of comfort, creating the time and effort worth it.

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