Do I Need Permits for Home Renovation?

Especially if you are not building onto the existing boundaries of your home, such as building a room addition, you might think that you do not need to apply for a permit before you get started. The short answer is that, yes, you do need a permit or sometimes multiple permits for a home renovation. If you are building and renovating in the Greater Toronto Area, the Reno Pros can help you through this process.

What Happens If You Do Not Get a Building Permit?

It is not unusual for homeowners to proceed with house renovation projects, especially smaller ones, without getting a permit. You might even know friends and neighbours who have done this. The fact is, these people are breaking the law and could be penalized for this.

What happens if you are caught renovating your home without a permit? The project will be inspected to determine if you have met necessary regulations. You will then likely be fined for not having a permit. If problems are found with the structure, you might be required to remove the new structure or your building will be condemned. All of these changes must be made at your expense.

Even Small Jobs Often Require a Permit

As mentioned, it is not just larger major construction projects that require a permit. Even smaller projects that are not detectable form the exterior of the house may require a building permit to proceed. This can include finishing a basement, adding a new bathroom, or updated electrical or plumbing systems.

How can you know if your job warrants a building permit? You can check with your municipality’s building regulations. Each area has its own set of requirements and steps that must be followed to gain approval.

Why Are Building Permits Necessary?

While these regulations may seem like an unnecessary hassle, but many of these requirements exist for your safety and the safety of anyone in or near your building. If your new electrical system is not approved, it is likely because it poses a fire hazard. It is for your own benefit to complete your home remodel to code. If you are not sure whether or not your building plans and practices will meet all of the necessary standards, it is wise to have a licensed and experienced contractor assist you with the project.

Have a Professional Help You Meet All Building Requirements

If determining which permit or permits you need for your renovation project, and then following all of the necessary steps, sounds like a nightmare to you, hire a contractor that will help you with this process. By doing so, you receive the support of a professional who has completed numerous projects in your area in the past and knows exactly which permits you need and how to get them.

To schedule a consultation with a contractor in the Greater Toronto Area who is familiar with Ontario building permits, contact the Reno Pros. We can help you get your project on track.