Between roughhousing, sticky fingers, spilled food and messy arts and crafts, choosing the right materials for your child’s bedroom can be a challenge. You naturally, anticipate these challenges when it comes to wall paint, but it’s also a good idea to choose your flooring carefully as well. Any flooring that you choose should be comfortable, easily cleaned, and durable.

Here are a few flooring ideas for your child’s bedroom:

Cork flooring

Once considered a novelty, cork board is becoming increasingly popular. Cork flooring provides a nice cushion for children to play on, and while it can stain if spills go unattended, it is fairly easy to clean when you get to spills quickly enough.

And if you’re worried that your child’s room will look like a giant bulletin board, don’t be. This flooring comes in a variety colours and finishes that can look like natural stone or wood.


In all likelihood, this is the type of flooring you had in your bedroom when you were growing up.

What it lacks in cleanability, carpet makes up for in comfort.  If you love to play on the floor with your little one, you may appreciate the added coziness of wall to wall carpet. Look for durable carpeting made from materials such as nylon, polyester and polypropylene.

Stay away from materials like wool that can snag.

Laminate or hardwood flooring plus and area rug.

If your home already has hardwood or laminate, you probably won’t want to cover it up.  Consider getting an inexpensive area rug for your child’s bedroom. If a spill happens (and it will), it is relatively easy to spot clean.

An area rug will help provide warmth while your child is playing on the floor as well as protect your hardwood from toy cars and Legos.

Hard flooring plus radiant heating

If you don’t wish to have any rugs or carpets in your child’s room, then consider installing a radiant heating system. While it won’t provide any cushion, they will still have the added comfort of a warm floor.

The types of flooring that work best with this kind of system are engineered wood, laminate and vinyl floorings.

 Laminate flooring

While still considered a hard flooring, laminate has an underlayment of foam which makes it absorb shock better than other types of hard flooring. This means that when breakables slip through the fingers of uncoordinated little hands, there will be less chance of breakage.

These are just a few possible flooring ideas for your child’s bedroom. When making your decision, it is important to take into consideration both your child’s needs and your lifestyle. For example, carpet and cork are more feasible options if you are able to get to spills and stains quickly, where a material such as laminate might prove to be more maintenance-free.

If you are looking for help with flooring or any other aspect of remodelling a kid’s room, contact The Reno Pros today. They would be happy to speak to you in depth about your options and help you select the best choice for your family and your home.