Basement renovations don’t always have to be renovated into a big living space or entertainment getaway, as a home owner you could renovate your basement for either extra bedrooms or just one bedroom. These bedrooms can either match the rest of your home or you could make them into luxurious bedrooms to make the night more special.

You might be thinking why would you need to give more attention to a proper bedroom renovation? Well the difference between a proper bedroom renovation than one done in a lazy way is warmth, noise, environment and distinction.


When renovating for a basement bedroom, it’s best to make sure your walls are properly insulated with quality material. The difference in proper insulation is noise reduction and proper temperate levels in the room. If you’re looking for that level of perfection you can always ask your contractor of ways to decrease noise to the room as well as what insulation material could be used to maintain a balance of warmth and cold. Spend one night in a properly insulated bedroom and you’ll know the difference, it’s all about making your night more comfortable.


Deciding on what paint to use in your bedrooms is important as each shade of a color effects not just the temperature of a room but also the lighting. More brighter and solid colors offer better spreading of light and offer natural light for the room while keeping the temperature in the room proportionate.


Renovating and designing a bedroom can be exciting but keep in mind to create a proper layout that compliments the room by with proper spacing. You wouldn’t want to end up with a bedroom with little room to move around in or having to limit yourself to the space when designing. A good way to do this is by creating a floor plan and finding out the dimensions for the furniture that will be going into the bedroom, you could be sure that once all the walls are up that you will have the exact space you need for your furniture and some leg room! With these guidelines for building and designing a bedroom you couldn’t go wrong with a proper bedroom.