How Can I Change My Living Room During a Home Renovation?

When making home renovations there are some projects that immediately come to mind: upgrading the kitchen or making the bathroom more modern. But, how can you make improvements to your living room when there are no appliances to upgrade or cabinets to replace? The Reno Pros in Toronto have plenty of ideas for how you can transform this space.

Update the Flooring

Has your carpet become faded and riddled with stubborn stains? Take this opportunity to rip out the old and install new. Or, if the kids and pets are out of the house, consider putting in beautiful, natural hardwood floors for a warm and sophisticated look.

Make Your Walls More Exciting

There’s more to decorating than just eggshell white walls. You can completely change the feel of a room by painting in a light and neutral tone that adds personality without making the room feel smaller. If you want to experiment with bolder, darker colours, you can paint a living room accent wall in a hue that compliments the rest of your chosen design.

Get Creative with the Lighting

Many people underestimate just how important lighting is in a room design. During your living room home renovation , you can have your contractor install recessed lighting. You can install can lights that are recessed into the ceiling, providing overhead lighting without taking space away from the room, or you can install recessed lighting behind panels in the walls in order to highlight decorative items.

These are just a couple of examples of different lighting ideas you can implement. You can also install hanging lights, tracking lighting, dimmer switches, or many other options. The important aspect is to incorporate different types and levels of lighting. This allows you to have better control of the atmosphere of the room, allowing you to have the perfect amount of light whether you are watching TV or having game night.

Install an Advanced Home Entertainment System

If you like to entertain, watch movies, or play video games in your living room, you might consider having your contractor help you with your entertainment system. During your home renovation, you can rewire your living room to better incorporate a surround sound stereo system, wall-mounted electronics, and many other types of technology.

Make Modifications to the Layout

If the structure of your house allows, you can make modifications to the shape and size of the room itself. You might take down a dividing wall to open the space, create a recessed seating area, or otherwise open the space and make it more functional.

Seek Professional Advice from a Contractor

Your contractor can help you understand the possibilities and best options available to you. If you are located in the Greater Toronto Area and you would like to learn more about the home renovation services that can improve your living room, contact the Reno Pros for a free estimate. Whether you already have plans in mind or need help creating the right design, we can help.