How Do I Care for Drop Ceiling Tiles?

If you have drop ceiling tiles installed in your home or office, then you will be relieved to know that they are easy to care for. If you have never cared for these type of tiles, you may be nervous that you might cause damage to them or you may not care for them properly. We will go over how to care for them in this article and you can use these tips to care for your drop ceiling tiles.

Basic Cleaning Tips for All Drop Ceiling Tiles

Ceiling Tile Installation by The Reno ProsFirst and foremost, you will care for all ceiling tiles the same way when it comes to basic cleaning and care. For example, you will need to thoroughly dust each one of the tiles to prevent any dust accumulation and to prevent dust dropping from the tiles. Imagine owning a restaurant and as you serve up a plate of food a dust bunny drops into it – YUCK! To dust the tiles correctly, always wear eye, nose, and mouth protection to prevent the dust from falling onto you and causing irritation. You should use a static duster to collect the dust and then follow up with a quick vacuum using your vacuum attachments. If you notice that there are stains on the tiles, you can try to remove the stains using a damp sponge with a small amount of soap on it. Keep in mind though, if you have porous drop ceiling tiles do NOT use water on them as it will cause more staining. Simply replace the tiles as needed.

Metal Drop Ceiling Tiles

Some companies have metal drop ceiling tiles installed in them and these require different care. You should dust the tiles as referenced above, but to keep them clean, you will need to wash them with a sponge and a small amount of soap. You do not have to worry about the water or soap staining the metal, but you do need to make sure you clean the metal well, otherwise, the tiles may appear greasy and dirty. It is not uncommon for metal tiles to rust and should you notice any rust on them, simply take them down, and use steel wool on them to remove the rust. Before you replace the previously rusted tile, make sure it is fully dry to prevent any further rusting.

Replace When in Doubt

If you have a ceiling tile or two that you are simply unable to get clean, you should replace them. It is always better to replace a tile than to try and mask any dirt or rust that may be on the tile. Since ceiling tiles are susceptible to turning brown when there is a leak, you need to monitor for this and replace the tiles as needed. If you are in need of advice on how to care for your drop ceiling tiles, contact the professionals at The Reno Pros. We look forward to helping and guiding you.