How do I incorporate a basement bar into my basement renovation?

Not all basement renovation projects need to be for children’s recreation rooms or in-law suites. Sometimes when the children are away or tucked into their beds at night, the adults of the house would like to unwind and enjoy some entertaining with friends without having to worry about waking anyone. Making a “man cave” or bar for just such an occasion can be a very rewarding use of your basement space. In Toronto the winters are long and very cold, so people tend to remain shut indoors when the temperature drops and the roads turn icy. This is why having a room dedicated to adult entertaining is a good idea. Contractors like The Reno Pros have created plenty of basement bars in the greater Toronto area and they would be able to easily determine if your space is right for that type of basement renovation. When considering a bar for your basement, the following amenities may be included depending on how grand the scale of your establishment.


You cannot get a sign that touts the name of your new bar without actually having a place for patrons to pony up and have a few laughs and drinks. To build a structurally sound bar, most folks should draw up a diagram of the layout and consult a licensed contractor like The Reno Pros to help position supports, electrical boxes and plumbing. These folks can help you pull the permits needed to create any structural improvements and stay within the letter of the law. After plumbing and electrical work has been planned you can build the bar around your basement.


Adding electrical is a job for a licensed electrician, plain and simple. The homeowner with basic mechanical skills can change an existing fixture or re-wire a switch, but when it comes to electrical boxes and wiring a wall, you need someone with industry experience. A homeowner is not advised to try adding breakers to the breaker box or connect live circuits – this can be extremely dangerous. For the standard “man cave” or bar, most people will want at least one television and numerous outlets for adding wall sconces and lighting.


For “roughing in” a plumbing job on a basement renovation, only a master plumber should be doing the work. The chance of a possible failure is too great and the damage that it might cause could potentially cost thousands of dollars and derail your entire project. A plumber will add piping in the walls behind your bar and even in the bar itself if you require it. These jobs can get expensive, especially if you are adding a half bath which, let’s be honest, all bars should have.


This is the fun part. After the bar, plumbing and electrical have been installed, you can hire a decorator or outfit the bar with your own touches. These might include:

  • Pennants
  • Memorabilia
  • Neon lighting
  • Televisions
  • Barstools
  • Games

These extras can make the basement bar fun and entertaining for guests, but they come with a price. Usually homeowners will build a collection that represents a certain theme of sporting events or team memorabilia over time as these decorations tend to get expensive. When in doubt, hire a decorator to get your theme started. Toronto is a vibrant city for sports – The Blue Jays and Maple Leafs are popular for athletic supporters – so you should not have a problem finding décor for those hometown teams in the city when working on your basement renovations.