How To Choose Between Flooring Options During Home Renovation?

When you choose to renovate your home, you have the opportunity to transform your space from the ground up. You have to start with the right foundation, and this means choosing between carpeting, hardwood, linoleum, ceramic tile, and other flooring choices. The Reno Pros in Toronto can help you narrow your flooring options as you make this important decision.


First, you have to choose a flooring option that can perform the way you need it to. Consider the different pressures the floor will need to withstand. If the floor is in a bathroom, kitchen, basement, it will need to be able to handle moisture. If you have pets running around the house, hardwood floors or other flooring materials that are easily scuffed may not be a good idea. Make certain that you choose a flooring system that is durable enough to endure your lifestyle.


Once you have durability covered, you can move on to aesthetic appeal. As the floor takes up so much space, it can have a big visual impact on a room. A polished granite floor can provide a modern look while carpeting obviously softens the space. Consider which flooring option is going to compliment your room design while also keeping you comfortable.


Flooring can account for a large portion of your overall home renovation budget. Flooring options can also vary significantly in price, as some materials are significantly more costly than others. Laminate and sheet flooring are often the least expensive options, while natural stone and exotic hardwood are among the most expensive.

Do not forget to include installation costs when budgeting for flooring options. Even if the flooring materials are fairly inexpensive, if the installation process is complex, you may need installation services and to pay labour costs.


Do you want a floor that can basically be forgotten about after it is installed, except for maybe a little bit of sweeping or light mopping, or are you willing to put in more effort to keep your flooring looking great? Some flooring systems require more ongoing maintenance than others, and you should be prepared for this before your nice, expensive floor falls into disrepair.

Linoleum or other sheet flooring is among the easiest to maintain and clean, although the materials themselves are often not very durable. Carpeting is generally easy to maintain and may only need the occasional steam cleaning to keep its colour. Most tile flooring options are easy to maintain, but these floors can benefit greatly from protective finishes that keep the grout from becoming stained and discoloured. Hardwood floors also require stains and protective coatings to maintain their appearance.

Hiring Remodelling Professionals to Replace Flooring

It may be tempting to remove and replace your flooring yourself, especially with some of the seemingly simpler flooring options. However, flooring projects can quickly and easily go very wrong, from applying the materials incorrectly to misaligning tiles or patterns. Contact the Reno Pros in Toronto at 416-561-6144 to speak with professionals who can help you with this project.