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If mold is detected during or before a basement renovation begins, how do I get rid of it?

The first and most important task before beginning a basement renovation project is to have the space inspected for cracks, leaks, moisture and condensation of any kind. Toronto is generally considered to be a city for cooler weather and condensation can seep through the walls of the foundation in your basement when there are warmer days. This is bad news for your basement and furnishings. Moisture in your basement can activate the growth of mold and spores that contribute to respiratory problems and poor health. Dampness in the basement will also rot the carpet, cause wood to buckle and can cause drywall to breakdown and crumble. At this point it should be clear, but to re-iterate, water in your home and especially your basement is the fastest way to derail your plans for a basement renovation.

Who should I contact to check for basement moisture?

There are a number of licensed contractors like The Reno Pros that can come in and bring highly sensitive tools for detecting moisture on the surfaces in your basement and also behind the foundation wall and floors.

What kind of tools do they use?

One such tool is called a Moisture meter. These tools have prongs that can be inserted into any type of material in your home and revert with a moisture percentage – depending on the type of materials it is calibrated for. This is used by home contractors to determine if the moisture level is above average.

How do I get rid of the mold?

In the event that mold is detected, there are processes for getting rid of it. The biggest decision is whether the mold requires professional help to remove it or if it is a non-toxic mold that the homeowner can remove themselves. Should the mold fall into the latter category, homeowners can strip out carpet, drywall, insulation and subflooring themselves to keep the costs down. You should always wear a protective mask to avoid inhaling mold and the chemicals you use to treat it. Common household chemicals that work on non-toxic mold include:

  • Vinegar
  • Ammonia
  • Bleach
  • Borax

Getting rid of toxic black mold is a different story. It is not recommended for the homeowner to attempt to remove this type of mold, as it should be handled by a professional remediation company. There are steps required to contain black mold spores when infected materials are being stripped from the basement. The remediation company will bring in huge dehumidifiers to dry out the space and will utilize negative pressure to suck all spores out of the air and blow them out of your home. Next all surfaces that could have been susceptible to mold are scrubbed and scoured with chemicals like bleach and borax, where they are allowed to dry before applying special treatments of mold killing solution. There are also removal fees as black mold is considered a hazardous substance. For these reasons mold removal and remediation can be costly options, but when the safety of your loved ones is concerned you cannot be too careful. Costs average from as low as $500 to well over $5,000 depending on how big the mold infestation is and how large the removal and treatment project becomes.

It is a good idea to have the basement checked regularly for moisture, mildew, mold and odd smells that may indicate some sort of infestation. Hiring a reputable contractor like The Reno Pros to come out and perform a general moisture test while estimating your basement renovation project is an excellent way to kill two birds with one stone. For all the great basements in the city of Toronto, there are a few here and there that might need some work, so it is important to perform the due diligence needed to get your basement finishing job off the ground and keep it that way.

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