Anyone who has ever sold their home can tell you how important curb appeal is. But if you’ve noticed that the exterior of your home is getting a little tired looking, it may be time for an exterior facelift.

When considering exterior home renovations, most people think of more expensive jobs such as siding replacement or new brick. And while these can certainly beautify a home, there are smaller, less costly things that you can do as well. This article will focus on these smaller fixes which can still have big impact when it comes to curb appeal.

A Good Cleaning

If you live in the city, smog, dust and pollution can settle on your home and dull its appearance. Sometimes something as simple as a good power washing and some warm soapy water is all it takes to make your home’s exterior sparkle again.

The only caution, is to hire an experienced contractor since you don’t want to end up doing any damage during the cleaning.

Permanent Paint Solutions

There is nothing quite like a fresh coat of paint to wake up a tired exterior. Maybe that mint green colour that you thought looked so cool in 1985 simply isn’t cutting it anymore.  Give your home a more modern look with a fresh coat of paint.

There is a product called Spray Net which is a permanent paint solution that can be used to cover old vinyl and aluminium siding as well as brick.  This product is more than a simply patch job – it is guaranteed not to peel or chip for 10-25 years.

Products such as this one can also be applied to vinyl or aluminium windows as well as to other prominent features of your home such as your garage door or your front door.

By the numbers

While you’re refreshing the look of your exterior, why not also replace your old-fashioned serif or scripty house numbers, with large modern and easy to read numbers. If you are selling your home, this will make it easier for prospective buyers to find. And if you’re not selling your home, it will make it easier for the pizza delivery guy to find you!

Freshen up with flowers

Large planters with fresh flowers in summer or evergreen boughs in winter can make any home more appealing and welcoming. It’s also a relatively inexpensive way to beautify your home’s exterior.

Update your exterior light fixtures

Rusty, worn and dated light fixtures are sure to give away your home’s age. Spruce things up with some modern fixtures and energy efficient bulbs.

You’ve got mail

If your home has a mailbox or receptacle for flyers, be sure to update that as well. Just like the light fixtures and the house numbers, this small detail can betray the age of your home.

Remember, your home’s exterior is the first thing that people see when they pull into your driveway. Major fixes can greatly improve its curb appeal, but there are also minor things you can do to make a big difference. Whether you are selling your home or just looking for a refresh, The Reno Pros can give you the advice you need to improve your home’s appearance.