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Metal ceiling tiles are one of the best ways to accentuate the look of your home. Metal tiles come in varied patterns that can are perfect for your roofing. They are also ideal for commercial ceilings especially hotels thanks to their exquisite designs. Metal ceiling panels are ideal sound suppressors and fire proofers. They are also readily available at affordable rates making them one of the cheapest ceiling options. There are different ways to install metal tiles, all of which are dependent on the individual as well as funding.Basement Construction


This has proven to be the most cost friendly method when it comes to metal tiles installation.It is also the easiest used commonly for DIY projects. Adhesives can only work on dry smooth walls. The contact points need to be smooth and devoid of any materials that may affect the adhesives. Any trace of plaster material needs to be cleaned off the surfaces. Strong adhesives like contact cement and liquid nails are some of the best options in the market at the moment.

Furring strips

Furring strips are an ideal way to keep the tiles in place. They are not as easy to install due to uneven ceilings. Metal strips can be nailed on concrete ceilings or follow previous wooden frames. The strips have to be perfectly arranged and shingles should be used to align them till they are level. Uneven furring strips will cause the ceiling to look uneven. The metal tiles are installed on the strips using adhesives or nails to keep them in place. The adhesives need to be used on clean surfaces so as to hold in place. The strips take a grid like pattern during installation which holds the panels at the right edges.

Suspended ceiling tiles

The most common way to install tiles is by using a suspended grid. The grids are put in place using joints and tees allowing the ceiling to be easily placed. The weight of the tiles is held by the grid. These come with a number of advantages as compared to the previous two options. The suspended grid allows the home owner to install systems between the original and the ceiling tiles hiding any exposed wires, pipes and cables. They are also ideal when the previous ceiling is hard to work with in terms of leveling. A suspended ceiling tile allows you to create your own level making them simpler to use and straighten the ceiling. The method of installation is often dependent on the costing and purpose. People that want low costs will often use adhesives. These will however not allow installations to run through. The furring strips will also not allow piping to run through them. The suspended option is also more expensive due to the amount of extra materials needed for the same. The furring strips are moderately priced making them a fall in between option. Metal tiles remain one of the best ceiling tiles option no matter the method you use for your home and commercial ceiling needs.