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Office Renovations Toronto

When hiring a company to perform interior office renovations, time is money – so the job has to be done quickly and efficiently. The Reno Pros are experienced in office renovation and have had many happy clients throughout the Toronto area.

Whether you are looking for a complete makeover for your work space or whether you simply are looking for assistance with some new furnishings, a fresh coat of paint, a drywall job – Toronto, we are here to help your office to look and function the best that it can.

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  • No Hidden Fees
  • Experience Over 25 Years
  • Unique Designs
  • Quality Craftsmanship
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  • 100% Customer Satisfaction

Hear What Our Customer Are Saying About Us

Brandon Kinamore

Hired these guys to install drop ceiling in my office. Wonderful crew and a wonderful finished product. Alex and Valera worked under a realistic timeline making appropriate adjustments based on my schedule.

Brandon Kinamore

Paul Armstrong

I wanted to thank you, not only for the beautiful job you did, but also for you and your crews competence on the product and installation. I absolutely love my new drop ceiling and back splash in the kitchen. It was a trying time for us, as you know, but you respected my house as a "home" and I wanted to let you know that I appreciate all you did. Thank you!

Paul Armstrong

Vache Zakarian

Roman made, what is generally an ordeal, a very pleasant and easy experience. He always answered my calls and even reached out after the project was done to make sure everything was ok. Their work was nothing short of perfection both in timeline and workmanship and Roman was incredibly pleasant to deal with. Thanks for making the entire construction process simple and stress free. I highly recommend anyone on the market for a contractor to contact Roman and his team.

Vache Zakarian

Amit Khurana

Roman and his team were so easy to work with! They completed our office renovations in the time frame we had agreed upon and they were available when you had any questions or concerns. It was a pleasure to work with The Reno Pros and we look forward to working again on future projects!

Amit Khurana

Martin Feldman

Roman and his team did an awesome job -very professional, reliable, safe, clean and the quality of the work was superb! Will for sure be using them again for other projects!

Martin Feldman

Jonathan Wu

Alex is friendly and knowledgeable. He came to my house and gave a quick quotation. He finished work on time with high quality. His price was fair. I am very happy with the new basement ceiling. I will hire them again in the future if needed.

Jonathan Wu

Why Hire The Reno Pros As Your Toronto Office Contractor

Office Renovation Consultation

The first step in office renovation is to meet with our customers for a free consultation.  During the consultation, we will discuss the specific needs of your construction project as well as your budget, renovation timelines and as of recently requests for eco-friendly products.

Ideas about design and layout as well as realistic expectations are discussed in an open conversation. This step is the building block, foundation of the entire office renovation process.

Building Permits and Drawings

The Reno Pros provides a team of professionals at every step of the way. We bring in experienced Architects and engineers to make sure the drawings are completed as per your requests and abide by the Ontario Building Code, Electrical Safety Authority, Ontario Fire Code and any municipal by laws. Drawings are drafted and revisions made based on what the client and the city want to see. Finally, the building permit is issued for construction and we can start our demolition portion of the office renovation. This administrative part of obtaining drawings and building permit takes anywhere from 1-3 months depending on complexity and zoning of your location.

Demolition and Office Construction

It is always better and more efficient to start from a clean slate. This is why a proper demolition which was done on time, safely, and typically after hours is key to getting ahead of your renovation timeline. Once the office is brought back to base building, empty floors, ceilings and only the existing walls which need to stay we can start the transformation.

Office Renovation Schedule

This is the holy grail of any construction project. After many conversation over the past 10 years with other general contractors, custom home builders, project managers, architects and engineers, the brain of the entire operation is the construction schedule. It has to be efficient, be on time (no pun intended), organized to have only the proper trades lined up one after another, overlap the trades only when it is feasible and of course have time buffers for any renovation blurbs or other construction delays. The construction schedule must be followed, must be overseen daily and enforced so all the trades on site know it, respect it, and be worried about in order to ultimately follow it.

Renovation Site Meetings

Depending on the length of the construction project you may want to have scheduled 1 weekly meetings or several per week. Seeing Eye to eye with the client is key. New ideas come up just like new issues are discovered and with proper communication you can ensure the project goes as smooth as possible with the clients satisfaction and understanding being the numbers one priority.

Of course the process has more intricacies then outlined in a few paragraphs but this is the right blueprint to get the office renovation started and finished on time and on budget. The Reno Pros is one of the best office renovation contractor, if you have questions about your next construction project reach out to us and we will guide you every step of the way.

Office Renovation Cost

If you were to ask any profession out there about the average cost for something in their industry the correct answer would be, well it depends on what your specifications are. Same principles apply here but as an experienced office renovation contractor we can group the average costs by subcategories as a rule of thumb. This is not a 100 percent correct estimate but rather a good starting point. Every office renovation differs in its requirements and its cost.

Light Office Renovation

With this renovation in mind you are looking as more of simple solutions to spruce up the existing, tired office space. The rule of thumbs is that the cost is $15-$25 per square foot of floor space. The items which you would do for this renovation are not technical but rather surface visible only. Painting of walls, trim, doors and even suspended ceilings, new carpet tile or Vinyl flooring, window blinds and a few glass/window openings in existing walls to let more sunlight inside.

Office RenovationStandard Office Renovation

This type of renovation brings the overall budget cost to $25-$40 per square foot of floor space. With already named items in the light office renovation you will be looking at removing a few walls to create more open space, replacing the electrical light fixtures to energy efficient LED light panels and possibly adding a small kitchenette for the office staff to enjoy a much needed break or lunch hour.

Office Reno TorontoAdvanced Office Renovation

This category really can increase incrementally or exponentially. The cost associated with an office renovation is this magnitude starts from $65-$140 per square foot of floor space on average. It includes the light and standard renovations segments but here major changes are made to the layout. New walls are put up, glass partition walls for main office staff and office conference rooms, new lighting, perhaps more space is acquired through a warehouse conversion or adding a mezzanine for the office space.

As Reno Pros is can offer partial renovation steps or a full turnkey completion renovation. We bring years of experience and professionalism as the city’s best office renovation contractor.

Our Recent Projects

Office Renovation Ideas

Here are some of the most popular and efficient ideas to turn your tired office space into a vibrant, open concept, efficient work space.

Renovating the ceiling is one of the safest best to bring the office space to looking fresh. You can invest in putting a suspended T-bar ceiling or vice versa, remove existing and open the room height all the way to the roof deck or floor joists above. Depending or office renovation needs this will be a drastic change which will be noticed.

New color scheme introduces new energy and overall mood for those working in the office. The color choice needs to be neutral and fresh and possible accentuate the company logo theme or colors. If you did open the ceiling by creating more height a drastic change would be to spray the ceiling one solid color like a dark grey. Only hire professionals who know what they are doing to be your office renovation contractor, or you may have a headache and a construction mess on your hands.

The floor covering is a tremendous office renovation aspect which may be easily updated. The trick here is to understand the office acoustics. If the client has a lot of staff and it is an open concept a hard-surfaced floor simply will amplify the sound and create an echo effect. If you are looking to muff the noise then office designated commercial carpet tiles is your best bet but if you are looking for a cleaner, modern look which is easy to maintain and you are not worried about the acoustic factor then a Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) is the absolute best way to go. The contractors which you will be choice must not only just be able construct whatever it is you are asking for but to properly warn and educate you on all the specifics of the materials to be used in your Toronto office renovation.

Having proper lighting in an office setting is more essentials than ever before. Proper LED lighting is costly to install but is environmentally wise and pays for its upfront cost within a short period of time. The brighter the new office is, the better mood the employees are in. Many scientific tests have been done to show this correlation, lighting set the atmosphere and the mood of the workers who in turn work better, harder and more efficient hence making the company more profitable. If you invest in your employees, it will bring you a better and bigger return over time.

Materials these days represent the company culture. From how eco-friendly they are, durable and considering the COVID19 pandemic easily cleaned and disinfectant they are. To long term longevity and maintenance costs. All this terminology and description should be brought up during the consultation meeting with the office renovation contractor. If he or she has a hard time answering these questions or providing input, it might be a good idea to vet other companies instead.

If you are planning an office renovation…

Our ultimate goal for your office renovation is to come up with a design that completely fits your business. Our crews take extra care to ensure that the job is done right the first time because we want you to be happy with the results for years to come.

Companies throughout Toronto are trusting their renovations to The Reno Pros for good reason. If you are planning an office renovation contact us for a free on site consultation or over your building drawings. The Reno Pros is a highly trusted and qualified office renovation contractor.