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Should I Tear Down and Build New Or Do a Home Renovation?

As you are considering all of the changes that you want to make during a home renovation, you may start to think about just tearing the entire home down and rebuilding the new house you want. There are circumstances that make this the better option. The Reno Pros have helped homeowners throughout the Greater Toronto Area make this decision and complete their projects. When deciding whether or not to renovate or tear down, consider the following factors.

Making Major Structural Changes

There are certain structural changes to a home that are simply easier to achieve by building new. This might include changing the number and size of bedrooms and bathrooms, adding a floor or more to the house, or making other significant alterations to the overall layout of the property. Trying to salvage what little of you can of the home while you change the entire floor plan may actually make the project more difficult than it would be if you just tore down and started from scratch.

The Home Is No Longer Structurally Safe

Some older homes may no longer meet safety regulations. If the damage is extensive, such as a weak foundation or a large mold problem, large parts of the home may need to be removed and rebuilt. It could be wise to take this opportunity to completely redo the house.

Permit Restrictions

Before you make a decision regarding renovating or building new, it is important to consider the permits and approvals you will need to proceed with your work. In some areas, building new may require more steps and paperwork than if you choose to renovate the existing property. The regulations that must be met can significantly affect the cost and the amount of time it takes to complete the project.

Weighing the Costs

You will of course want to calculate the estimated costs of each possibility. When you tear down and rebuild, you have to take into account the cost of demolishing the existing property in addition to the construction project. If you choose to renovate an existing property, you will need to determine the cost of all repair and new construction costs that will be associated with this choice. You can contact the Reno Pros to request a free quote for each of these routes.

When Is Home Renovation the Best Choice?

If more than half of the home can remain largely untouched throughout the renovation project, and the house itself is generally in good, safe condition, home renovation is going to be a wise and economical choice.

Get Professional Advice from Experienced Contractors

The tips above are meant to be only general advice regarding when it is best to renovate or tear down and build new. This is really a decision that can only be made on a case-by-case basis, as each property is unique. If you are located within the Greater Toronto Area, you can contact the Reno Pros at 416-561-6144 and schedule a consultation with an expert who can shed some light on your specific situation.

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    John Charette from Toronto
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    Faheed from Richmond Hill

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