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Tips To Make Drywall Sanding Easy And Effective


The process of sanding in drywall installation can be tedious and frustrating. When you understand the proper technique you will love the end result. Applying paint on a poorly sanded drywall can be a nightmare. To avoid this we will go through a number of drywall sanding tips and make your next DIY project a success.


Acquire The Right Tool


Having a proper sanding tool will determine how easy and proper the job gets done. It’s good to invest in a hand sander, a suitable sanding paper as well as a sanding sponge that you can use to smoothen the corners. You need to wear a mask and goggles to keep off the dust. You may even want to consider wrapping a scarf on your head. Sanding is a messy job and you need to be properly covered. You may also consider investing in a pole sander especially if working on a large surface.


Minimize Drywall Dust


If you are working on a drywall at home, take note that sanding can result in dust that could quickly invade your home. This sand can be hard to eliminate once it attracts your surfaces and upholstery. To minimize dust try and use a damp sponge to smoothen the joints instead of sand paper. There are also a number of systems designed to catch dust in sanding projects. This may be pretty costly so you may want to consider protecting vital areas of your home from dust.


Avoid Heavy Grit Sand Paper


A 150 grit sand paper is normally ideal. Simply purchase it and place it on your hand sander. Don’t be tempted to get a heavier grit paper because it may end up over sanding the area especially if the joint compound you used is very soft. Heavy sanding can cause unevenness and unpleasant marks to form on the surface. You can look for precut sheets of sanding paper that will fit perfectly on the hand sander.


Never Sand Out Ridges Or Gouges


If you notice ridges or bumps on the joints, try and avoid sanding too much especially if they are at the edge of the joints. When you sand that area excessively you may end up damaging the tape on the drywall. It would be easier to add another coat of compound on the area just to cover the edge of the seam. You can also consider repairing the section with ridges or gouges separately.


Watch Out For Areas That Need Detail Sanding


You’ll need to be more careful when it comes to sanding areas like the corners. It’s important to check out for any problem areas and focus on them. You can use a handheld light to take note of the areas that require an extra touch. You can use a hand sander or the sponge sander to fix those problematic areas. Put marks on any areas that need extra filling and then use joint compound to touch up then sand it to smoothen.


Apply A Good Primer Before Sanding


Priming the walls really helps to create a good finish. When you apply a primer, wait for it to dry completely before sanding. Priming helps to eliminate any lumps that would become very visible after painting. Sanding the area after priming also gives you an opportunity to highlight problem areas and fix them using joint compound.


Avoid Using A Hand Sander When Working On Corners


Corners can be very tricky and thus require more detailed sanding. You can use a sponge sander or a small piece of folded sanding paper to work on the corners. Make sure you don’t damage the opposite sides of the corner with the sander.

Most importantly, drywall sanding should be done while applying light pressure. Over-sanding is a big issue that will create depressions or grooves that appear unsightly when you apply a fresh coat of paint. If there are electrical boxes or openings, avoid sanding that area. You may end up causing damage to the sand paper or tearing the tape. You can simply do a more detailed sanding near the electrical boxes using a sponge instead of the hand sander. Just make sure you don’t focus on a single spot for too long.

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Steve Gillingham
Steve Gillingham
Awesome people very friendly good ethics
Reno pros are truly pros at what they do. Originally I didn’t know that they do residential jobs, I contacted Roman. He made the rest of the process seamless and with minimal stress for me and my family. Roman priced me for an addition as well as a full interior reno. A full scale design and build project, including drawings and permits. Completion took about 7 months, when everything was finished, I couldn’t be more pleased. Highly recommended. Cheers to the Reno Pros team!
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Vache Zakarian
Roman made, what is generally an ordeal, a very pleasant and easy experience. He always answered my calls and even reached out after the project was done to make sure everything was ok. Their work was nothing short of perfection both in timeline and workmanship and Roman was incredibly pleasant to deal with. Thanks for making the entire construction process simple and stress free. I highly recommend anyone on the market for a contractor to contact Roman and his team.
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Martin Feldman
Roman and his team did an awesome job -very professional, reliable, safe, clean and the quality of the work was superb! Will for sure be using them again for other projects!
Jonathan Wu
Jonathan Wu
Alex is friendly and knowledgeable. He came to my house and gave a quick quotation. He finished work on time with high quality. His price was fair. I am very happy with the new basement ceiling. I will hire them again in the future if needed.
Paul Armstrong
Paul Armstrong
I wanted to thank you, not only for the beautiful job you did, but also for you and your crews competence on the product and installation. I absolutely love my new drop ceiling and back splash in the kitchen. It was a trying time for us, as you know, but you respected my house as a "home" and I wanted to let you know that I appreciate all you did. Thank you!
Lee Wuying
Lee Wuying
Hired these guys to install drop ceiling in my office. Wonderful crew and a wonderful finished product. Alex and Valera worked under a realistic timeline making appropriate adjustments based on my schedule.
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