There are some renovations that will increase a home’s value exponentially. The current market is begging for these renovations and likely will continue to do so for years to come. Here are the top ten most valuable home renovations.

Bathroom Remodeling

Currently, bathroom remodeling is rated as the most valuable renovation a home owner can make. People love to see a beautiful, easy-to-maintain bathroom.

Environmentally Friendly Additions/Remodels

Being environmentally conscious has become increasingly important. With humanity’s natural habit in danger of being inhabitable within the next few decades, many are looking for ways to include “greenness” to every part of their life. If a home owner adds environmentally friendly renovations to his or her home, such as solar panels on the roof or energy-efficient light fixtures, buyers will be impressed and that means the market will value the renovation decision.

Deck Addition

Adding a deck to a house expands the house’s square footage while also providing inhabitants a controlled outdoor area to relax in. Both of these factors increase a home’s market value.

Room and Bathroom Additions

Speaking of additions, adding another bedroom or bathroom also increases the value of a home. Extra square footage also means extra cash when owners decide to sell their home.

Attic and/or Basement Furnishing

A finished attic or basement has major appeal to buyers, especially considering both could act as extra living space.

Lighting Improvements

Good lighting schemes enable people to see well in all areas of the house, but do not blind an individual when turned on. If done correctly, they also should provide people with a sense of security. As soon as someone enters the front door, they should bea able to turn on a light to and know that their home is safe and sound. If a home has as poor lighting scheme, improving the scheme will increase the value of a home.

Home Theater Addition

Now more than ever, people love to get the “movie theater experience” from the comfort of their own home. Although this type of renovation can be quite pricey, a built-in home theater can raise the value of a house because the renovation reflects the needs of many families within the area.

New Windows

This type of renovation is a small way to increase a home’s value. New windows can lower a home’s heating and cooling costs. Because of this, most buyers would be excited to hear that an offered home has been outfitted recently with new windows.

Beautifying of the Landscape

Home owners must be careful with this type of renovation. The ideal landscape renovation should focus on maintaining the health of the grass and on the inputting of a small garden or a few bushes. These changes will make the home’s outdoor landscape look beautiful, appealing, and low maintenance, thus increasing the home’s market value. What should not be done to the landscape is the installation of a large garden, fast-growing bushes, or an expensive type of grass. The changes will lower the house’s value because they require too much maintenance.

Before jumping into a new renovation project, make sure the renovation’s return investment is worth