The old saying “There’s an app for that” applies to home renovation too. There are thousands of apps in the Android and Apple marketplace for home renovation, but only a few can be considered as priceless tools for a home owner’s renovation project. Here are five home renovation apps that work for both Android and iPhone.

MagicPlan (free)

Instead of having a contractor spend time creating a floor plan to map out the dimensions of a renovation project, a home owner can use MagicPlan to take pictures of relevant areas. Within the app, owners can add annotations and objects to create a 3-D floor plan. They then can share the floorplan with the contractor (if the contractor has the MagicPlan app) or pay to export the document as a PDF or in several picture formats. The app even has a tool to take floor measurements.

HomeZada Mobile(free)

HomeZada Mobile is the mobile incarnation of a successful digital home platform software of the same name. In order to use the app, users will have to create a HomeZada account, which will be free to use until the end of the 30 day trial. HomeZada allows a home owner to maintain checklists of their home’s inventory, needed maintenance work, and other aspects. With this app, home owners who are in the throes of renovation can keep track of what is in their house and what is no longer in their house. The tool can also provide evidence of a home’s items just in case there is an incident of theft during the renovation process.

Color Capture (free)

Color Capture is an app from the Benjamin Moore paint company. If owners see an object that they like the color of and wish to include the color in their renovation project, they can take a picture of the object. The Color Capture app will find the Benjamin Moore equivalent of the color. If a home owner has a distaste for Benjamin Moore, they can easily find the equivalent paint color from another paint company.

Homestyler Interior Design (free)

If an owner is itching to see what their favorite color would look like in a room or how a new fireplace would look in their living room, Homestyler Interior Design is here to help. All a user has to do is snap a picture of the living space and the app will create a 3-D, customizable model of the living space. Users can create a visualization of how minor renovations would look in their home. Additionally, if a renovation project already is completed, owners can use this app to help determine how they should furnish the room. Users can also share their design ideas with friends and family via e-mail and Facebook.

iHandy Carpenter (paid)

For those who prefer to minimize as much as possible the work a contractor does, iHandy Carperter is a great home renovation tool. IHandy enables users to measure the verticality of lines and walls, the flatness of a surface, and the angles and length of an object. Once calibrated, the app can provide users with even more tools. The only downside to this app is the touch and calibration sensitivity of a user’s smartphone can affect the measurement results.

These apps, if used in the right combinations, can become indispensable tools of an individual’s renovation experience.