Before planning on any renovation it’s better to create a budget on how much the renovation will cost you, this is crucial because it saves a lot of time and effort when ordering or picking out materials for the renovation instead of constantly having to order in materials because it was simply not enough. Keep in mind even if you order more than you need(better to be safe than sorry) it’s not a big problem because unused material can be refunded to the supplier.

Renovation Materials

Below is a list of some of the materials you would find in a home renovation:

  • Drywall
  • Lumber
  • Metal Studs
  • Plaster Material
  • Tiles
  • Hardwood/Laminate Flooring
  • Painting Supplies

These are some of the general materials you would find in a renovation.

It may be intimidating when you find out how much of the cost for the budget is in materials but no fear because there are ways to create a cost-effective budget while preserving the high quality that you so desire for your renovation.


Do some research as to what goes into a renovation and see who supplies/sells the materials. There are many building/construction material suppliers in the GTA try to find a few places, compare their prices and choose which supplier is best for certain materials in terms of cost and quality. Keep in mind it is also cost effective to buy in bulk orders because certain suppliers will offer discounts or better pricing for bulk orders.


If you don’t have the time to do the research or knowledge of renovation materials you could always ask a contractor to make an estimate of how much material you will need for the renovation. From there you could get some information on what materials will be used so you could conduct your own research but another option to that is instead of doing the research yourself you could ask the contractor if they have their own preferred suppliers. More than often contractors have a set of suppliers they prefer to buy from either it’s quality, cost or availability a contractor will always know where it’s best to buy materials from.


By planning the layout of your renovation you could most certainly make your budget more affordable. Plan out a layout of what the renovation may look like or what kind of renovation will be taking place, this way you can see if certain rooms or parts of the layout could be simplified ex. creating a larger room in the basement or places that don’t need a lot of renovations such as furnace or laundry room. Of course this way of creating a cost effective budget can be done before doing any research on materials.

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