What Are Common Tips for Selecting Wall Finish for a Home Renovation?

One of the most efficient ways to completely change the look of your home is to paint and make changes to the wall finish. Because the colour and sheen of each surface has a major impact on the look and feel of the room, it might be difficult to know how to choose the right products for your project. The Reno Pros offer the following tips for Toronto homeowners to consider.

Use Lighter Colours to Open Your Space

Darker, bold colours can be eye-catching, but painting the all of your walls with a darker hue can cause the room to feel closed in and small, while lighter colours help the room feel larger, more spacious, and open.

Create Accent Walls with Bold Colours

If you are incorporating a bold, dark colour in your design scheme, you can paint a single accent wall that can serve as a focal point. This allows you to add colour without making the room feel claustrophobic.

Choose Flat Finish for Ceilings

Flat paint does not have sheen to it at all and has a matte finish. While it can provide a sophisticated look, it cannot easily be cleaned. If there are stains on flat finish paint, the wall will need to be repainted. This is why this type of finish is often used for ceilings.

Giving Walls a Satin Finish

The most common finish for interior walls and hallways is satin. This finish provides a small amount of sheen without being extremely shiny. This wall finish also provides a small amount of protection to the walls and minor stains and smudges can be wiped away easily. For slightly less sheen, you can also use eggshell finish, but this finish is more vulnerable to stains.

Semi-Gloss Finishing Touches

To up the shine a little bit, use semi-gloss finish. This finish is often used to give crown mouldings, doorways, and other accent pieces more lustre. Because these areas are often touched by hands or scuffed by shoes, it is helpful to have a more durable finish. Semi-gloss may also be a good choice for kitchens, playrooms, and other rooms where walls need more protection.

Protecting Walls with a High Gloss Sheen

High gloss sheen finish obviously has the most shine of any finishes. This type of paint is generally used in garages and outdoor spaces where durability is the greatest concern. High gloss sheen will show every crack and other imperfection on a surface and is not a great design choice for indoor living spaces.

Paint a Small Test Section

Before you cover an entire wall with paint, test a small section in an area that is out of the way. Allow the paint to dry completely, as the colour and sheen can change slightly as it dries.

Professional Help for Finishing Walls

Especially if you are revamping all of the walls in your house, the painting process can be overwhelming. For help picking the right colours and finishes for your wall, and for the assistance of a crew to help you quickly, efficiently, and flawlessly applying your paint, contact the Reno Pros in Toronto.