What are some good basement lighting ideas?

Finished basements do not have to feel like dark dungeons. With the help of the right basement lighting ideas, you can escape cold Toronto nights and invite company over to your warm and welcoming basement entertainment room.

Many people associate basements with closed-in, claustrophobic spaces. Light, or lack thereof, plays a major role in these feelings. By brightening the room, you can make it look and feel more spacious, open, and inviting. Of course, this does not mean adding big and powerful lights that are going to be harsh to the eye. Don’t be afraid to get creative. Below are suggestions to inspire you.

Recessed Lighting – Recessed can or panel lighting is a popular choice for finished basements. Because the bulb is recessed into the ceiling or behind a panel, the harsh glare of a naked bulb is not a problem, and there are no exposed light fixtures taking up space in the basement.

Track Lighting – Track lighting is a common choice among homeowners looking for easy-to-install basement lighting options. With this type of lighting, multiple lighting fixtures are attached to a track that is installed to the ceiling. The light fixtures may be identical or varied, and they are often adjustable. The track may also include lights at different heights to further vary the light levels.

Pendant Lighting – Pendant lighting is generally only a wise option if you have a basement with a very high ceiling. The pendant lights make the room feel more intimate and can reduce shadows from overhead light sources. Pendant lights also make good accent lights when installed over tables or shelves.

False Windows – Many people do not like having living spaces in the basement because they miss the natural light provided by windows. It is possible to install light fixtures that look like windows, with light sources hidden behind closed blinds. This creates the illusion of natural light spilling out from behind a closed shade or blind. These false window lights are simple for a contractor to install and can incorporate different levels of brightness to better mimic the patterns of natural sunlight.

Varied Light Sources and Levels – Being creative with basement lighting ideas does not just mean using unique light fixtures; you can completely change the look and feel of a room by incorporating different levels of light. For example, you may have recessed can lights above, upright lamps providing light below, and accent lights along the walls, illuminating shelves or artwork. The varying light allows you to create ambiance in the room while brightening it. You can also choose between different light sources for different activities.

Dimmer Switches – Dimmer switches give you even greater control over the amount of light in the basement. Whether you are sleeping in a basement bedroom or watching a movie in your finished basement den, turning on bright, powerful lights after being in a dim or dark room can be very jarring. Dimmer switches allow for gradually, and enjoyably, transitioning from complete basement darkness to a dim glow to a brighter light.


Implementing Basement Lighting Ideas

Changing the lighting in your basement can be incredibly simple or complex. Setting up a new lamp is not a difficult process, but if you want to install recessed lights, dimmer controls, or other more unique fixtures, you may benefit from professional help. The Reno Pros can help you with your new, creative basement lighting and other basement renovation projects.