What are some ideas for custom home renovations?

A lot of creativity goes into custom home renovations. Whether you prefer the traditional look, modern look, country styles, or something else, you can make your home uniquely and completely yours. Reliable contractors and designers will help you come up with a custom solution just for your home, both indoor and out. Even if you don’t have a large budget, there are still many changes and upgrades you can make.Here are ideas for custom home renovations to get you started:

Turn your attic into something useful.

Don’t just let your attic be a dusty storage area. Take advantage of the space it provides. You can fix it up and turn it into anything from an office to a home theater. Need a guest bedroom? Just add a bed or sofa and fix the walls up to make the attic more inviting.Basement Construction

Utilize dead spaces

If there is a lot of extra space in the house, fill it up with something useful. For instance, you could turn dead space under a staircase into a storage room or bookcase. Add a wine wall in kitchen dead space. For bathroom or laundry room dead space, add towel racks. The possibilities are endless. Just don’t add too many items – you don’t want the house to look cluttered.

Design the kitchen properly

In a small kitchen with limited space, have the storage space and counter placed on the same wall as the appliances. The single wall kitchen design makes the room appear to be less cluttered.For larger kitchens, you might want to go with the U-shaped layout. It helps to maximum counter space and provides better functionality.

Get a custom wall treatment.

Improve the tone and mood of each room with a custom wall treatment. There’s no rule that says you have to use the same wall scheme in every single room. Some choices include wood paneling, wallpaper, drywall, and fabric. Fabric panels especially can add a lot of creativity to a room by enhancing any colour theme. As for drywall, some companies can create custom patterned panels and intricately textured panels.

Find another use for a garage that is no longer required.

Like the attic, you can turn the garage into something more practical. If it’s not used that much anymore, don’t let it just sit there. Take the time to remodel it with new flooring, walls, ceiling, etc. Turn it into an extra bedroom or family room.

Add custom materials to the bathroom.

Bathrooms consist of more than porcelain bathtubs and floor tiles these days. Since it’s one of the most expensive rooms to remodel, the bathroom plays a huge role in whether or not a home sells. Think about what your family needs as well as what other homeowners might be looking for (if you plan on selling in the future). For bathrooms that are used frequently, you might want to consider a flooring solution that includes special grout, as it helps to prevent popping and cracking. Lighter materials are ideal for upstairs bathrooms, and heavier materials, such as stone and cast iron, are ideal for downstairs bathrooms.Custom home renovations also include the exterior of the home as well as a landscape. Architects and designers from The Reno Pros will help you come up with ideas that suit your tastes.