What are the main guidelines for planning a basement renovation project?

Planning a basement renovation in the city of Toronto requires a good blueprint. After you’ve selected a contractor, you’ll want to bring him in to discuss your plans and get an idea about what permits will need to be pulled in order for them to perform the renovation. Good contractors like The Reno Pros can come in and help you plan the renovation and all the extras you might need. You can also buy equipment these days to help you with your project planning like 3D software for creating the space from the ground up. When you’ve completed it, just forward the file to contractors for further discussion. When the design has been agreed upon by you and your contractor and the permits are in place to begin the work on your basement renovation, you should consider these final things before getting to work.
  • Keep it dry – Moisture is the number one way to derail a basement renovation and it can quickly destroy your hard work. It is of the utmost importance to check the basement over thoroughly and then bring in a professional to perform moisture tests to make sure the space is dry and the humidity levels are not elevated. Important places to check for moisture include the foundation walls and floors and the rim joist that may have cracks or gaps that allow the ingress of weather and temperature changes.
  • Storage space – This is the standard use for a basement and to some degree it can remain as such, but with some clever planning between you and your contractor, the basement renovation can proceed with the addition of a couple of lofts for extra storage and a few tucked away closets to ensure the space remains useable and clutter free
  • Cost of materials – The nicer you attempt to make the basement, the greater your materials expense. It will pay off to choose materials that correspond with your goals for the space. For example, recreation rooms can be remodeled with decent carpet and man caves can get by with stained concrete or tile, but you may want to chance using hardwood if you’re building an in-laws suite or looking to bring in renters.
  • Pick your spots – There are several ways to save on expenses when planning your basement renovation, but it definitely helps to have a clear idea of what your goals are and how you plan to layout the space. For instance, you can plan for areas of lighter foot traffic to have less expensive floor materials such as laundry rooms or pantries where you are less likely to want to impress your guests. The same would go for fixtures or lighting.
  • How much light – Basements are notorious for being dark and musty. Should yours fall into the latter category, you should immediately contact a professional to resolve your moisture issues because that is indeed what you have going on. Hopefully the problem is just a matter of adding some illumination to the space and there are a number of ways you can do this. It will pay off in the end to discuss the placement of electrical boxes for switches, fixtures and sconces. Depending on your budget at this point, you might opt for free standing lamps or recessed lighting, just a matter of your expense.
  • Income property – Planning an add-on for a growing family or to use as a possible rental apartment is another great use for your basement renovation, although the financial investment in furnishing the basement with plumbing, electrical and appliances can be quite steep. Provided you can afford it, this decision should easily pay for itself in a few years and will provide you with a nice leg-up in the competitive Toronto housing market.

These are the best tools in your arsenal – your plans. Stick to them and you and your contractor will be able to stay under budget while completing your basement renovation in the city of Toronto.