What lighting options for basement renovation are there?

The nice thing about adding electrical and lighting components to an unfinished basement is that you have a wide open canvas. The overhead joists are more than likely exposed and so are the foundation walls, which means you can have the space wired with as much or as little lighting as you wish. Basements are obviously dark, given that they are underground so lighting will play an integral part in what you intend to do with the space when you make you basement renovation. Some plans require less light than others; the most common uses for basements are as follows:
  • Children’s recreation rooms – This space should have a lot of light. Children will use the basement for playing games, watching television and reading among other things. You will want to decorate with light colors and wall sconces, probably overhead lighting as free standing lamps could be problematic with children rough-housing down there.
  • Wine and beer cellars – Using your basement specifically for cellaring spirits is a good idea, as they are susceptible to temperature fluctuations, but you will not need much light. The darker the better for storing wine and beer, light will call the beverages to develop off-putting flavors over time, so you if you are planning to add a cellar to your basement, you might want to consider building a secondary room so you can use the basement for other things as well.
  • Rental apartments – This option requires quite a bit of light. Your electrician should probably buy you lunch after this one. Living spaces require light in very section of the house, so you can expect to add hanging lights, recessed, canned lights and several electrical boxes with switches. Depending on how nice you want your appointments, the fixtures alone can cost several hundred dollars of your basement renovation. The best policy here is to use accent lights where they will be seen the easiest and use cheaper ones in closets and under cabinetry.
  • Man caves – The lighting required for a man cave will fall somewhere between what you need for a children’s room and a cellar. Most times the space is designed to resemble a bar (and many even contain one) so a slightly dim atmosphere is what most homeowners are going for. Odds are a few hanging lights to shoot billiards by or play foosball will do and you can complement this with some neon lights along the ceiling perimeter.
  • Additional living room spaces – Sometimes parents just want to get away. A mini-vacation to the basement can be needed to have a beverage or watch a movie, or even to take a nap in a quiet environment free from the stresses of life for a few minutes. For just such occasions you may want to update your basement renovation with some track lighting or recessed lighting with dimmer switches. That way you can make the basement a livable space for movie night or a quiet area for reading a good book.

The best thing about the lighting in a basement renovation is you can put the lights exactly where you want them. Contractors in the Toronto area like The Reno Pros are more than happy to make your lighting plans a reality. Just remember to take some time to envision what the space will be used for before designing your basement renovation. .