What Should I Include on My Bathroom Renovation Checklist?

A remodelled bathroom can make a huge difference in terms of the comfort and functionality of a home. If you are ready to upgrade your bathroom, understand that this is a very involved project, but the end results are certainly very worthwhile. You can reduce the hassle and complications by following a bathroom renovation checklist. In addition to others, the Reno Pros in Toronto recommend that your list include the following components.


Before you start to make any plans or purchases, you must first determine what you are willing to spend total for your bathroom renovation. As you begin to choose specific design elements, this amount can be divided to cover the different features. Leave cushion amount left over to cover unexpected expenses that can and likely will arise.


Next, it is time for the fun part. You can start to envision and create your design for your finished bathroom. Take the measurements of the room and determine what your room can accommodate in terms of a tub, shower, cabinetry, and other design elements that are important to you. These plans may change, of course, as you factor in your budget.


Next, it is time to choose your materials. Be sure to choose materials that will not only fit your design and budget, but will also be able to withstand moisture with minimal maintenance. Don’t forget to account for fundamental building materials, such as drywall, caulk, and other necessities.


Even the smallest details can have a major impact on the overall look of your bathroom. You can create a cohesive look by coordinating all of your fixtures. Tie the room together by choosing matching lighting fixtures, towel racks, cabinet hardware, and faucets.


Once you have a clear idea of everything you want to accomplish during your bathroom remodel, you can create a timeline to follow. While unexpected challenges can arise that throw your project off schedule, having deadlines in place can help to speed the process along.

Hire a Contractor

If you really want to create a perfect checklist and have the items on it completed accurately and efficiently, it is worthwhile to enlist the help of a professional contractor and experienced work crew. These individuals have worked on many bathroom remodels in the past and know how to identify, avoid, and quickly address any mistakes that can arise during the project, keeping your headaches to a minimum and allowing you to enjoy your new dream bathroom as soon as possible.

The specific items that will be on your bathroom home renovation checklist will largely depend upon your existing bathroom and the unique goals that you personally have for your project. If you are located within the GTA, you can contact The Reno Pros in Toronto for the assistance of a professional remodelling team. We can assist you through the bathroom renovation process from start to finish.