When we say contract, it is more than just a piece of contract being stapled together. As soon as you sign it with your homebuilder or renovator, this will be your assurance that everything will be set in accordance with your plan. This simply implies that the contract should handle along with your expectation. The following are some tips so you can better know and understand everything about the contract for renovation and some things that you need to avoid:

. Never deal if there’s no contract

There are still some guys out there who have the guts on giving you estimate and they will list down the prices of their services at the back torn papers. That’s it! However, this is not a god indication. They could be a fly-be-nighters and dealing with them could take the lives of your loved ones into risk. So, make sure that once you work with a homebuilder, they must present legal documents with their license to do that kind of work.

. Start from the basics

You should have an idea on what a standard contract looks like. It must have the basic information of the company as well as the project. The company address, name, business license, contact info and even HST number must be displayed. The name of the owner and the project address must also be visible. This is a legal document and it should ask the sign of every party involved in the project. This must also include the timeframe, from start to finishing dates of the project. Aside from that, fee should be also seen within the contract, which includes the payment schedule and HST. For bigger projects, it is expected that homeowner would provide down payment.

. Money Matters

Beware for anyone who was asking for more than 20% for the deposits. If their intention is because of they are going to purchase materials then ask for a receipt from suppliers, which will prove about they are asking for. Do not forget on providing allowances on your budget.

. Clarify the scope of the project

The contract itself must be a guide of the scope of the job of the builders within the project. It is not good thing that you will just say that you just need to replace your roofs. It is recommended that you should have a broad outline. You should make it more detailed when you are specifying the job.

. Make sure that they are insured

Renovation or building your house is a dangerous task since it is prone into errors and mistakes. The contract must also state the possible insurance policy that the contractors have in hand for their company as well as the subcontractors who are working for them. They must have liability insurance that will cover up the possible damages or injuries that may be rarely caused by construction.